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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends to the water and gardeners have again We will go with you talk of seedlings today we are with you talk about onions and onions leek it is really very such good culture that very rich vitamins delicious onion Leeks it very well stored in a frost and do not forget it put you say with These, in general, very pretty it is difficult to plant the
  • 00:30: handle it and all I I assure you I find it hard Now I will tell you how I do it in candy her I leeks Now even just here little deviation if we are even we do here perezharku Perry fry conventional bow oh boy perfect for Pariah he is so fragrant a delicious Well Well, let's perhaps talk about here's a look a couple onion in general, very pretty however great he
  • 01:01: and so difficult pretty long shoots that look I've done before I put it back still I took here snail and see I laid laid so here I look here I laid out in such a Here the distance seeds Luke Now they have me lie toilet paper I I take good help him but so rolled the the roll
  • 01:31: that's done girl that it does not unfolded I put this a roll in a bag and package removed somewhere warm place can be dark place very well, the main thing that was heat lu in this state have us is roughly about three three days of the day we look unwrap agar seeds from us to you swelled Well here it is time to
  • 02:01: add nutritious soil because you do we take I just you will not show the same to you all know we take We fall asleep this snail ground start fall asleep again and and We wrap here in a sausage and already We put it like this standing again in bags in But in cellophane This is the state here and so well put and waits forever
  • 02:34: proklyunetsya our bow hatch seeds as soon seem eyelets away from our snail that you must do we need remove package Now that we have a roll put anywhere mason from under mayonnaise in some container and all and care for the bow further is that watering Pour we first until onions young only still growing
  • 03:04: grows pour directly into snail and then when he more It grows like this about somewhere he has roots come out right and can be watering just leek pan never dives that is, here we are We put a snail with you and put it February, March, already ie it will be late Now it's time to start planting when we leeks about you
  • 03:35: grow a well somewhere here so will he I'll show you around later I when he grows up here about the height of height so we about half take with you and sheared with scissors and so we do several times again it grows again it can be cut and But when disembark We leek we it has to disembark I'll open a bed spring show but remember any rule
  • 04:05: in any case the spirit the guy does not go away, we picker take it straight from the snails here with this snail go with you conversely I will unfold I show you how to hare and the root and how the right to land leek That's how we plant onions Leek I advise you take a leek early varieties not take a late take early varieties Well but now we are We turn our
  • 04:36: beloved culture is culture we have with you but the question I ask how much to cut there say meters to the substrate there plant seeds you know it's hard say it all depends the number of seeds so I cut here Such are the right long sausage immediately I have here workpiece that's how I Moto throw like this Again I take I
  • 05:06: like this toilet paper laid out now look like this put it is very convenient to do this is not dirt and there is nothing yet because we do not land work of these I am telling look TV and about themselves among other works and today we are with you sow basil is that's so loved culture but not all always all fails and you know Now many people write that
  • 05:37: let's say you can basil plant there in the garden, as it were hide his film possible but basil He loves moisture really, he loves heat this thermophilic southern Culture Here is why basil sometimes even in the garden we put to you hurry hurry quickly in May, my planting and it is just what the same can not climb because the soil is still enough
  • 06:08: Cold and here so that we be one hundred percent we are confident that he We will harvest basil or can be planted here I am I showed you video where I it to marlechku and ask me question and then what I do like it then dive it and great swoops from that faces and all were able to very fast even directly already in the box, it will rot until basil otrastet to his could dive
  • 06:38: but I can still do I take this carefully marlechku and planting in the garden but now here we are with you our plant the basil We put him back in snail you say well, give all it puts into the cochlea but I like this convenient way to simply you know if you as the saying goes you put a very very few seedlings Of course you need to imagine and let cups and if all and and you put a lot of something
  • 07:09: as it is in the snail Generally it is very to find such spy you know from I asked Julia how much you are planting pepper roots I want to you say I prick off a lot Well, because I love it and give I give to neighbors and general, how I said seedlings always very much and just in case just err and suddenly freezes and
  • 07:39: when something happens Well that's probably we are begin to planting our we take with basil you like this amount Moisten properly toilet paper wetted and that's that we We start planting basil here so take but necessarily so the condition of his seed very small and we sometimes it even planting on the soil surface
  • 08:10: can not even fill the earth so we are here to you will have Carbon black is not deep then there are close to the edge and about somewhere straight with the edge of his try it is necessary to plant tweezers can do do it here hands stood is now squirted see Dampen it no longer a loose here it may be old put here so you can see closer to each other nothing wrong because it is still
  • 08:41: we are going to it raspikirovat in general it is quite still such here It is such a laborious Here we work imprison you like this toilet paper Wrap with you snail and wait until the seeds swell it will take about somewhere like onions three three days can be Four days later we you again deploy our snail and already
  • 09:12: Falling asleep these seeds land that is to give you have the power of our seminar necessarily in any case we you will not leave our seeds without land put forward and I planted Well, straight from the pinch Out of the corner I plant because the seeds fine I want you to say that this one way to the toilet paper snail that yet very convenient
  • 09:43: convenient to germinate Cucumbers can be so germinate any cucurbits So you see the paper pretty with her We need to be more careful because that she is with us still quite fragile like this take again moisten with water here so slightly moistened with water and continue with you put our seeds here we are with you We put our carted
  • 10:13: you see here available from us here this snail and since seeds we put out there and pleased keys edge here So even if see here even they looked through These seeds can be seen that their have we not bury their deep and required condition you tight very tight snail never ie tighten free for roll up the snail Now that's seen so probably seen all
  • 10:43: after the seeds here intermediaries to the old stir call them So you see, they can be seen directly in politics with Out of the corner and, in general, we put to you girl but don gum here and so at the bottom not to peredavit seeds put to you our snail plastic bag and and not even necessarily bet and that's how I Knotted take direct literally just such these are the metal point of survive I went up there to look for it here and so put those of our snails
  • 11:14: this is my leek and This basil and 3 to 4 day I send a warm place to swollen seeds when three pass four days we are these snails deploy falling asleep nutrient soil shed as it should We roll up again and even then we do We put like that for to basil our moss site That's how we are
  • 11:44: planted leeks planted basil absolutely we also can you put celery celery root pedicellate Right now landing faceless celery leeks in which dates This we have with you somewhere about the middle of February and the end of mid-February February to the end of February we can deal with these landings but in no
  • 12:14: event not in a hurry Now planting tomatoes plant them from 1 March March 8 is the most normal deadlines when tomatoes are not drawn and mighty good seedlings we are planted in and then in a greenhouse on open ground This concludes his report it's time to say goodbye to you goodbye to new meeting with you was Yulia me in his garden Whether in the garden
  • 12:45: till