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  • 00:00: Hello dear my friends and gardeners I have gardeners now I invite back to his field carbonate greenhouse where I have been planted tomatoes way that is lying not as they are usually soldier stands planting vertically and lying, I would like to draw your attention look I have carefully there is envy there is a tall tomatoes but despite on the fact that they Tall somewhere meter eighty two
  • 00:30: meter height you they look We get some squat and the first the brush is not as usual high somewhere and already tied go downstairs tie tomatoes that I have I want to tell now give such a small board What can I fertilize tomatoes I want to tell you one method is very simple very cheap You take all available 200-liter barrel in this barrel about but
  • 01:01: wherein the half-well, slightly less than half you put any grass clippings is can be weeds lawn right that please take a glass soda soda is soda soda Get enough sleep in the grass fill up a barrel with water up tighten barrel film and tie rope and that it carried the film and wait around somewhere week all yours economy starts
  • 01:32: wander Kvass about a week wherein a solution is ready to take you then Summer is a liter this solution 10 liters of water if you hit more than that solution you burn just natasa tomatoes and watering this solution tomatoes are not sure you You see to have around manure second method What else can fertilize tomatoes you take buy dry yeast we
  • 02:03: there is a saying It is growing by leaps and bounds That will grow as must I take dry yeast a military 100 grams per 10 liters of water two tablespoons sugar all dilute to 10 liter bucket in warm water bet outside in the sun somewhere for three hours this all you farm start playing roamed for three hours willingness to take you
  • 02:34: and l and m th excuse me, please a pint of half a liter this fluid that is Yeast fluids 10 liters of water liquid you can water flowers and dollar that is, these cucumbers Plants love this yeast grandmother These are small feeding advice I I gave you today try not I regret it very effectively on this I finish my
  • 03:05: small report goodbye to new wait for meetings