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How to make a small hat of threads and gelatin - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day today, I I tell you how to make the small hat there will show you how manufactured bytes Vagan to the cap and which can be from further to decorate example our flowers but that we need The following materials you will be children small ball mug gelatin food cotton thread and can be
  • 00:30: 2 teaspoons of the mother and Pour into crumb add half tea This half cup water and it's all good amend he take a smile cotton and move and wound skein so how are you
  • 01:00: think will needs ie goes for pigs our hats now we gelatin such as our people drums not to so that it properly soaked gelatine We take our ball and who they started it desirable burka them duck gradually wind
  • 01:30: our ball Now this should be look after the ball winding now our the ball on you need to put in order that very well dry Now that image It will look sharif after he has was well in the woods I take the usual on 2 handle and try and Sconce big here
  • 02:01: the center of our ball such that then take the scissors and 10 full correctly our minute that we clocked on balls like this way will be in Our ball after as we are under height stranded Mutko scissors on the need and the right and Left very well to understand the ball
  • 02:31: Now the two halves separated from the the ball's already the Our two halves should look that is, it is for high-grade ball jars for our caps with the 1st ball 2 is obtained beanie now we have the edge our where hats treated To do this, we take
  • 03:01: thread with a needle and satin ribbon width of two and a half centimeter Fold the edge and edge very neat and about we pass completely We treat all the surface of our our hats here so it should have a you 3 but look there So cap that is one both sides
  • 03:31: We treat these hats and, in principle, here Balto where we get these butterflies can be use for there to decorate such as their colors that's all it does each easy Thank you for attention