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  • 00:00: Hello, to the one who is looking at me now. In the last issue of the city of Gomel I showed interesting sculpture of our city. You can see it at the following link. Now we will conduct a video tour along the embankment. Along the city of Gomel, the Sozh River flows. The embankment is a landmark object of our city, since it is an integral part of the palace and park ensemble, which is the visiting card of Gomel. This year the embankment was extended by more than 500 m. I measured the whole length of it on a bicycle,
  • 00:33: it turned out to be 2300 m. Now let's look at our quay together. Construction of the embankment took place in 3 stages. 1st part From the river port to the Lebyazhye pond was built from 1972 to 1978. The second site in 2009-2011. This year the embankment was extended to Novobelitskiy Bridge. Completes the embankment of the new composition "Mayak" of 48 pillars with lamps,
  • 03:32: installed on a granite pedestal. Come to Gomel, we have something to show you. If you liked this video - support me - put huskies, write comments, this is the best gratitude. And join my group VKontakte, link in the description under this video.
  • 04:02: Until next time, :)