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Self-made sharpener for knives the Best modification!  See details »

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  • 00:00: In this video we analyze with you as make inexpensive sharpener for kitchen knives to create this I put sharpeners the goal make it possible compact but it convenient to use This model formed on the principle sharpeners edge pro apex let's
  • 00:34: that we take need for it creation first is the basis on which we will build our sharpener for this I used particle of particle size of 170 130 millimeters the second item is also configured dsp its height is 30 millimeters and width 75 mm Next item
  • 01:05: made of wood layered slabs plywood of 150 75 millimeters should pay note that this size make sharpening uncomfortable knife blade with a length less than 70 millimeters so if you plan sharpened short Blades this detail worth doing already the remaining parts of me I had to buy release and you are not scare total sharpeners cost
  • 01:35: was a little more than a dollar for creating I guide used two bar bracket you can buy any store selling furniture accessories so you see guides joined together a metal between which a bolt inserted plastic tube after allowing clamp bolt rotate guide for the manufacture of
  • 02:07: basis on which mounted removable bars was plywood used with of 150 35 millimeters note mount interchangeable bars carried out by adhesive tape thus on the basis of we sticking less wear parts the so-called hooks This tape allows we quickly change bars with different grain size for the manufacture of
  • 02:37: removable bars me it took Fibreboard fiberboards of 150 to 140 millimeters on one side bar using double-sided we stuck an adhesive tape sandpaper must grain I use four PE80 stone size for fast regrinding cutting edge angle b240 to eliminate large scratches on cutting edge p400 and p800 I use for
  • 03:10: polishing and bringing cutting maximize its edge performance with reverse same side bar we sticking the second part of the adhesive tape the top of the base which are attached Replacement stones at help small screws fasten metal kernel gained in shop fittings Also do not forget fasten the handle I randomly picked a method of its mounting when you are carried away
  • 03:40: sharpening knives and accidentally slide down this edge can be sure that your fingers remain whole in general, all sizes sharpeners created such a way that make it maximally safe a second metal we insert the rod the basis of our liver at the same rods attached made before mechanism which guides It allows us to change cutting edge angle
  • 04:10: edge and fixing the knife I used neodinovy ​​magnet which is extracted from old unemployed hard disk also on the platform were made two support stop providing more reliable mount knife generally Sharpener It complies with all my requirements I will do and compact comfortable in use and This inexpensive if you liked the video
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