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  • 00:00: knitting bill mesh provyazyvaem chain of the air the number of loops loops multiple of 4 then knit 3 aerial loops Lift 1 2 3 do 2 sc on the hook three missing aerial loops and fourth provyazyvaem post with and two sc Then, in each loop
  • 00:30: provyazyvaem one columns with two sc So a number of knit up Now the end take out a longer final and we take out of the loop it hook We will continue to knit in the same side thread of a different color
  • 01:00: To do this, hook in We dress very first air loop so as I show grab a thread and We take out the loop Further provyazyvaem 3 Air loop 1 2 3 hook so vdevaem as I show in
  • 01:32: front half-loop 2 column two and sc provyazyvaem coupling loop Further knit 3 Air loop 1 2 3 We miss three loops air chain here two or three times, and this next vdevaem hook and provyazyvaem
  • 02:02: coupling loop Further knitting is repeat knit 3 Air loop 1 2 3 We miss three loops at the base of two times and three in the fourth the front half loop provyazyvaem connective bar and so repeat until the end series 3 air loop skipping loops 3 1 2 3 in
  • 02:34: following vdevaem hook and provyazyvaem coupling loop it will look like Knit row and Now crochet turn over and We will knit more pink thread first provyazyvaem 4 aerial loops rise further in each loop
  • 03:10: provyazyvaem one the pillar two sc in the wrong place where we provyazyvali white thread in this place knit a column with two nakida the front half loop like this way and so repeat until the end
  • 03:41: a number of further provyazyvaem three Conventional column with and two sc then a column for the front half loop basis Here are some knit up Now the end overturn work vdevaem hook in the left loop
  • 04:11: white etc. provyazyvaem 3 aerial loops and dress hook in loop between the first and second row provyazyvaem coupling loop Again knit 3 aerial loops and vdevaem hook in the outermost loop and that's the way provyazyvaem
  • 04:43: coupling loop Further knit 3 air hinges hook so vdevaem as I show in the same point where we connecting the first air chain white and knit coupling loop 3 further air
  • 05:15: loops and skipping 3 loops into the base 1 2 3 the fourth vdevaem hook for half loop and provyazyvaem coupling loop and then repeats the same 3 aerial loops etc. coupling loop
  • 05:49: Now at this point again 3 air hinges skipping loops 3 base 1 2 3 for half loop provyazyvaem connective column, and so knit up end of the series and this series knit
  • 06:19: Further knitting is and repeated here this interesting pattern obtained in This pattern is the importantly it right choose a combination color thread