Small MK: We knit the top in a cap an elastic band 2*2. Ubavki for the top.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi dear lovers of knitting with you marina and today i want present to your attention to the master class to uncouple top when we we knit a hat 2 to 2 rubber we today we will not talk about such option when we just drinking gradually go on an elastic band 11 and then already on the face it seems to me such they are bigger
  • 00:30: suitable for female hats here for the smell free for caps with lapel or you for the hat is stocking here, but it seems to me that this option for men for example caps not very suitable and today we are with you we will talk as it is possible tie the teddy here specifically for men hats in principle we can relate this a woman's hat when need clinging to head and when is important all the same drawing as
  • 01:00: lines are added to the pattern will be two master class here today the first is not there will be one more another option today you want to offer this option with us the crown of here are 4 wedges and the closet is like this it looks on top of it I am not a nester so a little bit flattens in some places here after washing it will lie much more flat and here these here тильки also level and lie like this here's the hat looks
  • 01:32: On the side, I do not today I will talk about how to knit in itself you see the cap in me here it is simply connected small sample in principle is suitable for baby on the body caps and the number of loops you count yourself for oneself and for who do you for whom crochet I think that calculations master classes on calculations are sufficient in internet here so what everything is standard here
  • 02:02: knitting here is the body hats there all like always happens there is one subtlety for so that he the power to split distribute all The loops are for our wedge and wardrobe to us need to number of loops common which we scored divided by 16 yes here such here great is obtained from us spare it it is important to all the wedges were same well, that's it are you as usual count your knitting density by
  • 02:32: girth of head type the number of loops and lo you drive him to something the amount of you will be divided into 16 knit your body hats are straight small parts from the forehead to the moment when is it time for you to do decrease and how do I decrease you are on now I will tell and show we have come to terms with you the body of our hats on necessary height and now proceed to
  • 03:02: grandmothers on each spoke single out one track facial loops that what closer to the middle of me in my case is 12 here is the third track and now for both sides of this path we will form our deductions will see in this way we connect to it a number before this path Facial purl
  • 03:34: so I stop for one loop up to my path if you it will be more convenient then mark and You can use hang from here between eyelets marker to make it easier for you orient and I will not do this here I have one eyelet before my the front lane I I will have these two loops bind together with tilting to the right 2 together the next loop
  • 04:05: the next two loops i I will tie too 2 together only now broach for together staple left and connect further on the drawing I bind this knitting needle now at the next
  • 04:40: I will again be a spoke call here up to 3 lanes of facial loops iq Let since you will do it 2 front 2 purl 2 Facial here is one purl and here it is my path of 2 I do not tied up one a petticoat from purl and will
  • 05:10: these two loops bind together with tilting to the right just behind the front stenochku in the game together the next 2 loops i I will sew 2 along with the slope left and it will be broach we associate with way the entire series then there is here on the remaining two pizza do more on and the next series we will bind without any deduction in this option
  • 05:43: shaping makushkin themselves It turns out that we we decrease by 8 loops in each second row that is, in one row we subtract 8 loops next row we are tying without y butterflies add 8 petticoat next again we are tying without y butterflies here we have now the next row additions we again reach our central lanes of facial loops stopping and stop as for one loop up to her in my case
  • 06:19: there was only one purl now here and here we tie one loop to the track and 1 loop from the track first with a slope to the right and then with a slope Left and knit so before the next decrease in let's figure ourselves let's tie this we will move to the
  • 06:49: the next purl and facial even with tilting to the right then with a slope left we finish to the end
  • 07:23: this series is the following the row is knitted without any penalty if you did everything right then you have needles now stay 8 loops here just from the facial tracks here that we have it turns out these here are 4 wedges we have a thread cut the tuck into loops and most hiding