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Flowers from a foamiran - a peony. Master class part 1  See details »



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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends just two days ago I showed you how to make such simple flowers of Cameroon and here if you wonder show you how to get in Ball end interior which of these colors then folded this case flowers and elevators if you do not yet I have seen this video I recommend it to you see today I'll show you how cuts became painting as a gather a beautiful flower peony on the basis of this flower you can do any other Well its flowers and flower arrangements and the first with what we let us do it
  • 00:30: the pattern the pattern I only have three it's petals are create a terry form the petals are complete complete peony round and leaves pions do Whether the pattern of colors Peony is very easy you can see in the particle screen before a You will need two circle of petals that will have round round the shape of petals and three circle of petals that will have such undulating wavy petals and
  • 01:00: leaf or two Depending on how do you want to do a flower I actually like and I took a cut normal circle diameter this range was 5 centimeters I divided it into 6 sectors is also very easy to do but you just spend three lines then each Sector I gave him betrayed a with wavy edge making it perfectly arbitrarily They are just like I have you by treasures sector can right away can cut create a template own
  • 01:30: created for him to just you show it in the end Thus, I I cut immediately several colors just pile up paper in two I I cut out the templates Krupko that with round petals it is a little bit longer Well literally as I have there enough material cutting out so that is He's a little bit more than 5 if centimeters diameter somewhere was May 5 but here and there he rounded in general probably I became well here literally there for five centimeters can be small his abs divided into five
  • 02:00: parts and yes that is This 6 in this 5 part I just out of the corner of his rounded off if you do not do anything I and repealed and it's just I made arbitrarily you see that some petals More some less often it will show you on datasat white background can be seen that This lobe is larger the smaller it is a good idea plus more because that in nature the same in Color does not happen I sign the form some petals More any less here such circle me need for 2 This peony on you
  • 02:30: I see this material dyed it is a different shade it is who does pink color, this I took the cream paper not once see how the hammer-on cream color I dyed in the following way there are also very randomly divided County half I asked already show I painted half darker half lighter and exterior circles went quite light I I chose painted in a color so that is we have
  • 03:00: I get arbitrarily some the petals are here they clearly stand out half a date can be it was easy to cut I own it then blanket and these I color petals body is darker I have three petals body color more dark then seasoning when cut I bisect of them have got six small petals it later see and these Here are six small petals are then yes I will six small I like once sewed darker color and three large I I color the more
  • 03:30: light shade but if you want you can all petals cut into 6 parts and then you will not have a but more large terry peony and so it means that he lives do ornella shade purple with a sponge caused him randomly on middle, the petals in most colors it has more darker shade so the body
  • 04:00: I petals I will avoid pro untie again in half so that is here the half ks be 6 parts I painted more dark color I have in paints such shade has not been so I mix I have added colors little violet just a little to darken and I added a little red to turned a burgundy shade When I reached the window
  • 04:30: I thought I need Lanta likewise stain all others petals immediately say that sometimes girls ask not getting there foamiran from this the fence so he getting from this therefore denser Basically I like greater use some paint and crayons but sometimes the chalk certainly does not this dark shade that is it so not much to repaint a child has feeling red Now I add another little purple and if it is darker
  • 05:00: a wee bit Now when I has achieved I needed shade and can be leave to dry and and then paint over in the second side of a date Now I will move you see how he changed as much about his shades with regard to sheets of paper if you You want them to tint the tint better the tips of the leaves on something unusual other color but best is
  • 05:30: do after you will add a yes then springs remain lighter and will markedly noticeable that there gave way under conventional upper edge so we do We leave it to applying print on veins and then we turn to cutting our petals until the thousand I cut the circle in half light of the Cut into 3 petals and darker cut into 6 pieces, and as a result of such
  • 06:05: peony you turns 18 small petals and 9 large processing of these petals very Easy, you just nurse every lepestochek utjuzhkom Basket to better when it is heated and he is no longer We simply help get it here shaped god that it is.
  • 06:35: at the same time the more you Pull the outer edge in Trostyanets the thinner it have it You will have to wound you he has a different density if you sufficiently dense here I edinichka here to be but 7 you have the more you thieves will be heated able to edge his the longer it will that is, I heat more and one lepestochek heated all his just arching here such petals obtained show you
  • 07:05: What a great and actually all the same most just do not have slightly lighter than it is better to warm up the easier it is to you with my it works even when the that I had I stretched and folded over I will do such together there such a thing here I am in a good
  • 07:38: I heat the he bent and after that I it again thrust on with no twisting these petals I have not I do what I do not have it is necessary that they are here that it was crumpled As for the big Round flowers on it not cut into 5 parts and each part I heat separately after she I just warmed up
  • 08:09: and also I attach a concave shape here I can a little bit stretch over the edge back and forward make it more wavy but still when I give him here it is possible that the edge a little twist if you sculpt dumplings here is you twisted by correspondent such as concave form obtained each petals So I treat each separately petal I show you another
  • 08:41: when he died in the game arching and crushes his little the edges when we do not have it take such a form as it will also be good perfectly stand when those petals yes here you are treated see if you each stood up peonies they are very like this petals are sypyatsya 100 when you chain he carried We can go to
  • 09:11: processing out. I use this which may quite rare and veining itself as in peony and do each separately lepestochek only that he was in I have a little less taxes is leaflet you see I taped poured he and I just really like just such a way to work with the sheets are then lends itself
  • 09:41: formation but then These leaves can be bend expel me that's really like regard here large fox. have it I'm more than saying so I will process only verhushechku will anise just dorisovyvat some sharp subject and unbent treated the leaflet I'm told how many times make it soliton mascara is a soliton
  • 10:11: a thin rights . you top closed mushroom paper glued crepe paper tape and ribbon then this wire flyer glued sticker Leaflets can be very of course use and crepe paper from her Plenty I am imprint obtained interesting and my last leaflet why I first adhesive
  • 10:42: flyer because When not glued is the same it We have to press Of course it is possible neatly make zubochistochkoy but I figure erased and now tried and so and so I like it more when it is already on Do tones glued I then make prints easier to see them better significantly and where not Do I have you I just connect dorisovyvat I love Now hook use Visually, it is not I hope you sharp I can see that's what the
  • 11:13: where arbitrary veins dorisovyvat but at base leaf it will not be seen it anyway It will be closer to the stem and we will see Only here these here But after makushechki this treatment that we with a little touch up using acrylic paints the edge of the petal the edge of the foxes. to color leaflet can also use acrylics I mixed purple and green that is just He added a little
  • 11:43: very purple toned a little out of the corner leaf I toned the very tips of Fig. and Now a little bit Blend in itself leaflet that is just a little corner
  • 12:13: I make such ie leaving a sponge with small amount of ink I I take a walk around the leaflets in various places and then slightly damp spongiole a little more take a walk
  • 12:45: and a blend of leaflets paint I caused and it is possible do as wet sponzhikom and wet napkin and Here you can see that I did it not equally dyed Sheet and he is no longer similar to the present knives shoot so Now when the paint has dried, you can compare the difference Right you see unpainted sheet also I wanted enough cute laptop Me it seems that the left
  • 13:15: tinted acrylics Liston looks more natural more naturally and longer in to see in the bouquet as a living peony flower leaf what to do if you no acrylic paints and you want tint your petals, you you can use hand mixing them together is to achieve necessary for you color try it on paper and then then go to flower coloring
  • 13:46: ie using Wet napkins you You type a different color crayons and when you seek necessary for you shade just stain petals using the same cloth and if you We added a lot of paint you can clean party napkins
  • 14:16: shade and you will simply such a hint of touch up five little help and more and put on edge of your petals that too It will be very interesting look after smooth add coloring add such masks so different
  • 14:55: interesting transitions You can create conventional crayons and similar can be touched up embellish our leaves but also take crayons relevant shades mix them between themselves look I always start
  • 15:26: tint with tips To see how it will organically for at of the product it seems to me that
  • 15:57: this and just have a good seen what I'm talking Yes that is very common After you made veins podkrashivayutsya they remain bright paint lies only the upper words and that's due to the fact that they their light is even more evident that there's this here to color transition and shadows he seemed to them more More highlights but if you see that He turned darkish then just like with petals you may take a clean napkin in some shaded areas this paint removal and But for comparison here
  • 16:29: 3 that the form of the sheet in the middle is not yet colored and the top This leaflet is bed with painted using bed he yet bear no wire and it dried up activists who It is painted with the help of acrylic colors you choose a method you more like now I I show you assembly cockles and my yes there is such a flower the smallest I petals already I told them there with three large flowers 9 I cut the petals
  • 16:59: yet half and I have turned 18 small petals with which we begin I take little foil I wrap it around wire now I I close the top a piece she heads in principle, be You do not need to do very close These stick here are the first petals Yes, and sometimes they can be opened to be had there all too beautiful In this video I will not do you stamen exactly beautiful
  • 17:29: make peony I hope the treelike I'll show you his It is very beautiful in Chechen women and here I just close my flower with the help of petals Well, that, too, everything is I was beautiful We made for such cores of ji link above their paste the very
  • 18:07: randomly so just try to that they are beautiful They were closed one another that is evolved Christi Islands such cores of flower peonies you see that I have them also be placed but bends inward it will not always
  • 18:37: Now note that is, it is here literally the first there may be pieces seven petals I formed a Screw the middle of a what do I do next then I look and some but flower pattern and some petals I will be placed out so that there's it's to die I staining using acrylic paints using pastel crayons he very good bends piece acrylic paint Taku on certain
  • 19:07: film creates or it is difficult to well bit difficult This well-bends husband and arch different directions or what sort of leaves I buckled as I You need not be even doing too a large bag and I paste them on flower in the opposite such a manner so that there he looks at me in the other direction, I Glue literally
  • 19:37: several in a circle and the following series will stick on meeting here so here manner Now look here This lepestochek I I do it the other way around I have it again look to the center flower and so I too close any gap between these petals are look out that is here in this
  • 20:15: the flower is not with me turned almost staggered the There is one inside one more to last I pasting in the free freedoms This is how I it seems that it is not lack petals I go and stick remaining small petals seredinka already collected We need to go larger petals, and this sborochku I'll show you
  • 20:45: for example pink flower then I will show you how to make ordinary wire 1 millimeter thick here such here's a nice tight stem for your peony via coil will be picked up from using foamirana yes I hope that my videos you like and you put leave some reviews and put and their huskies share via social networks