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  • 00:00: the agent also with you the step by step of the work today is this book here ok decorations made with filter this model is here I have I did with 12 hearts but of course you can make any amount that You think it's better, I made a bigger one with 24 hearts and went to the bride used in photo essay and if I take it from here I think cool, I brought it but you
  • 00:30: there fits the size that need huh so come on let's show you how I I do this first we had the brand filter cut two for each little heart Then do the sewing I start doing so, but here from the point almost of autohoje in the heart and I did it with a buttonhole and I'm going
  • 01:04: here to the point Valley is also pretty cool toothpick point with another page also mine white that looks very charming and here I I made the buttonhole with the fine line of shit here with the thicker line than the weight line here also married with the white line of majesty
  • 01:35: you choose the point you think I'll leave it in the description of the video link here I walk by step here also for whom do not know, then let's go there is teak little heart reminds g right next time is too indicates on the channel if you want to seam sewing and left the engineer is that ends our finger to put the filler to push right
  • 02:06: to put the Haitian climate in I have already put the people there like I do for the heart do not go out in here I come with my for me the complaint also 42 years is this one another grocery store
  • 02:36: do not forget the hooded whip Then I started as much as I at least 25 centimeters because it's better so the size of the osman and there is one A little you do as you adapt as you need to takes pandemic there is a scroll so do not It's got to be the right shape, I just
  • 03:07: I do it so it's not for him to run from Heart to not leave the little heart continuum that is that you can pull Where will not you leave? No need to paste. It only leaves once he's well. I put it there. I already put investment now it's just training sewing the terminals here
  • 03:37: just that I can not tell
  • 04:10: niquim cuts and then O my way not
  • 05:06: leaves firm This is how I do it so the 440 right now it's time to ride and I like it This way, dissatisfaction is like me. I called this medical're so so stay the two here in the middle and
  • 05:57: other four here and one more quinaz file The mother thus becomes the 12
  • 06:46: remembering if you want to do more nothing only adds in the layers here below here you can also put a tape to put the door to be cutting her ass this creativity can also decorate the little hearts put the leg we here after you 're here just like me I do
  • 07:18: Take this tape here. you can tie here and let the whip already in catadupa and looks pretty so I also prefer to see how and to pass on the tape I picked up a ribbon and wanted a thick ribbon. the description of this made for you is only in 15 years on the same date I'll come and I'll tape it placed like hot
  • 07:53: sheila the weighing is an aquino finish
  • 08:48: and ends with hot glue does not either a tip and locked being
  • 09:47: Now here to accept I made the march but I have also shown if I speak leave nobody to him in the description of this video and made a little flower these are the tapes I used there with
  • 10:19: you can do another goal of the type decoration on the other side I think to cover the
  • 10:51: kick ass tie puts warehouse too has the video of shaolin rosinha that in the description of civita Look how it stayed up here. It's my front and back side.
  • 11:22: so this is what I hope you have I like the tip that you guys make Become a Translator everybody heart thing make one calculation you want to mix color looks cute If you have any questions, please let me know. comment then answered then liked the tips of a jewel and if still do not know the talk channel
  • 11:52: Brazilians other videos and also to keep track of the news a kiss for you and even the Next video bye