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  • 00:00: all welcome in this video I will I show you how to fit Here is such a beautiful unusual pattern I found it on the Internet I did not like what the original blouse Bolero has been linked this pattern very beautiful looks so air is obtained puffs here are for the sample will need to dial number multiple loops
  • 00:30: peaks and pattern he we get sided that the one that the other He looks the part the same is such a interesting air pattern is obtained and let's see how He fit in the first row we will need to knit facial 5 and 5 backstitches alternating 5 facial and 5 backstitches knit the next row in this way
  • 01:01: remove an edge because 5 facial 5 facial and more knit over purl provyazyvaem 1 Wrong and 1 sc Wrong sc ie provyazyvaem 5 backstitches and after
  • 01:32: Everyone makes sc so the next 5 facial and wrong again sc and Wrong after each sc purl do sc and the lip
  • 02:02: then knit 5 rows by drawing an edge shooting so here my first and it was Wrong knit in pattern facial facial on purl over Wrong sc provyazyvaem seamy loop so alternate front
  • 02:32: Wrong and facial Wrong then knit purl and again front and sc provyazyvaem seamy contact by drawing so and another 4 provyazyvaem a number of drawing front of facial
  • 03:05: purl over Wrong, and so we knit and now eighth row we provyazyvaem in the following way remove an edge provyazyvaem 5 facial so now Wrong
  • 03:35: and we face ie reset have we been here nakida we reset These loops ie purl provyazyvaem facial reset seamy provyazyvaem front reset seamy provyazyvaem front reset again 5 facial and again
  • 04:12: purl provyazyvaem facial I knit to kick off end of the series and bead and then here these here petelechki we they simply dropped That's how to dissolve it have it, we had
  • 04:45: they nakida nowhere then do not run these loops are here bloom before moment and obtained Now here we are such a air pattern here too such Smocking then we repeat the same thing only Now we alternate knit this side provyazyvaem remove an edge
  • 05:16: provyazyvaem 5 facial 1 2 3 4 5 and above Wrong again and we do sc provyazyvaem wrong sc sc is wrong there is repeated as from first row 5 face again
  • 05:46: and after each Natka purl sc Wrong sc and then continue as that is alternating them to it you are here and so staggered that it turns out that's a
  • 06:17: Here the air tracery pattern here such letters is very beautiful look here necessarily anything associate Me so beautiful pattern I hope you will find it pleasant place Like if you not like that ask in clear all comments long before the meeting in next video