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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello today I want you present knitting pattern and feathers Werke This pattern consists of 17 I gained 34 loops loop knitting and I go twice Repeat 17 loops himself Figure consists of knitting all of four rows of knitting a pattern very well suited for knitting summer blouse
  • 00:30: Chick T-shirts or so the first row of knitting we face the front a number of knitting and all loop we provyazyvaem facial loops as I have said for
  • 01:00: knitting sample this pattern you need to dial only 17 loops I 34 on a set number of loops 1 this pattern facial loop knitting turn on the other side and the second row of knitting provyazyvaem all loops
  • 01:30: purl loops in the third row of knitting front side provyazyvaem three times 2 face with a just knit together 2 following facial 2 loops facial, too along one face the upper thread and the next 2
  • 02:01: This is the third time we together provyazyvaem 2 1 facial loop further provyazyvaem 1 sc face time knit again nakida front 2 provyazat times on March 1 sc sc 4 ​​front front and 5 sc 1 after the front nakida
  • 02:33: face another sc and now provyazyvaem three times diminish one loop with tilt the left there take the right needle on the left spokes 2 loop translate them into enter the right needle left in the same two loop and picks
  • 03:04: working thread and provyazyvaem these two Loop 1 and loop reduced one with petelechku slope times the left 1 reduced the second time We do the same We translate with 2 loops Left to right enter the left loop in These same two loops and picks working thread stretch through the two loops
  • 03:35: second time cut one loop and the third time again left spokes 2 picks up the loop We translate to the right spoke introduce them left needle and work Right needle thread We carry through these two loops three times we reduced by one inclined loop
  • 04:05: Knit as left once every 17 loops now I the second subsequent 17 loops and I repeat figure that is third row we provyazyvaem three together on a number of 2 facial as usual we provyazyvaem facial hinge only here I provyazyvayu 3 × 2 loops together
  • 04:36: one loop on a drawing is May 1 sc sc front sc front face sc three times facial 4 5 1 nakida front and back nakida diminish over 3 times
  • 05:09: 2 petelechki with a slope to the left take 2 loops We translate to the right needle picks left and provyazyvaem with one loop and so until the end of series 3 times last fourth row of our sample is facial loop
  • 05:39: provyazyvaem all loops on a number facial sc provyazyvayutsya the lower thread also the front loop after the fourth row knitting repeat drawing the first through
  • 06:10: fourth row knitting in our figure Knitting with us just 4 rows work the first row of the front number and he provyazyvaetsya facial loops second row purl loops in third row we provyazyvaem all Repeat the 17 loops there every May 17 go to the drawing and in
  • 06:40: third row we three provyazyvaem 2 along the first hinge 1 the upper thread is There are two loops together February 1 loop 2 and 3 together just repeat the same 2 third loops together time after these loops we have five times repeated sc sc front front after these
  • 07:10: repetitions is 1 nakida for this we nakida provyazyvaem 2 loops three times with a slope left, and so repeat until the end of the third series of the fourth row all loops provyazyvayutsya front to the new meetings