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  • 00:00: useful products unpack and review tests are useful household goods all for tourists naturalists finally adventurer signaling lights measuring various instruments charger and sensors numerous tests recommendations from poster and more more can be found at this channel helpful Products channel the contents of which corresponds to description of their friends all of us surely tired of this wire I'm surprised the world why people have learned transmit information without use any
  • 00:30: Most wires remotest corners our universe why say vayfay bluetooth and satellite Us today already a common phenomenon but wireless broadcast electrical energy yet we Not Available Of course Prince wireless energy transfer first known 20 century thanks to the genius of all time Nikola Tesla but principle is not until the end their humanity that we now manage it transfer penny
  • 01:00: electricity on a distance of less this is so even with enormous loss looking at this a bunch of confusing any wires understanding person asks himself in such the question we were tired in each time connects or that apparatus for charging steel every day look for wires Power to say tablet camera sure that the phone Many whose homes many different kinds electronics will understand me so I decided to
  • 01:30: to begin to correct this space to create wireless home do not let that economical in terms costs of on but electricity but it saves a lot of time and nerves it most importantly begin with a simple redo system charging samsungovskoy dialer on wireless Development collect system scratch without using no ready Modules my critics Now write that th oh well what's pancake New Chinese are pieces long ago invented produced on mass
  • 02:00: all production true but there some nuances not every phone and accurate standard that will use wireless the second order have universal wise wireless charging but if they use for certain phone you this close your yusb your phone port to him in further You need to use each time to turn off loop from wireless module and agree it is inconvenient same thing that
  • 02:30: use wired charging our system any universal so the phone can be way to translate wireless charging alteration takes just a couple of hours taking into account that in the presence of you have direct hand soldering basic knowledge of electronics all pleasant View Now connector and uspey us plus the need to find and minus 5 volts that is, line on which there is the main power supply for battery charge to them Our path to the solder Unfortunately my connection
  • 03:04: the case of non-standard assembly of micro or less everywhere all much easier that is, There a lot of conclusions I I found two of these here output is plus in opposing but I minus minus I intend to take crook directly line is not negative battery's here about those places as already said, We need to solder our coil more accurately all that is be after stabilizer voltage of 5 volts to phone besides being charged our alteration not
  • 03:34: affect operability yusbi connector that is it will be fully function and further Gomel further pipe space is filled hot melt and so we have connect the wires now we supply It remains to be done stabilizer
  • 04:04: stresses that will be stabilize stress our coil to straighten first then to stabilize the Level 5's who We need to charge phone can use Switching stabilizers but voltage smd ie buildings case surface to installation is not very much and convenient to solder and the find such stabilizers enough difficult so I decided use a simple option is not the most better efficiency at small level
  • 04:34: but practical option that it is available to everyone use here such stabilizer voltage 7805 5 V is a linear stabilizer has here in such cases for surface installation but I find it easier Now use such a great addition stabilizer us only need one smd a rectifying diode in my case M4 marking so fit is desirable rather use Schottky diodes and ceramic
  • 05:05: capacitor capacity of 01 1 from 0 to 1 microfarads these these components very easy to find on the rafts where there surface Mount for example the same controllers notebook and any battery other fees from today Unit and other non-working machinery is that my current needed for normal
  • 05:36: charging mobile phone now we I need to blow off the receiver circuit that directly will be under cover in the phone as a perfect I I recommend using the conventional method laser printing the same technology create print boards on the site template on the surface of the foil it's actually me glass fiber but he very thin here This flexible and not have everyone there but but with this way
  • 06:06: you can save a lot of time and nerves instead more universal way This manual winding These are in the loop may eventually learn desirably carried get thinner and more precisely in the varnish eg insulation Now I have a wire 0 3 028 millimeters if To be precise wire we need about one meter diameter It can be from 0 2 to 0 4 millimeters again I advise it in the lacquer insulation
  • 06:36: there is no such because it can have problems that is simply the dawn and the cover will not tightly closed further winding we need a piece of flexible plastic that's for example, you can use thick a poly bag superglue itself wire and our hands procedure is quite dirty need super dirty glue but leaves quite good loop dangle all This deal follows way to start taken initial
  • 07:06: fixed wire a small round e.g. one turn two coils that you We need to be wound by then this spiral billet fixed on the plastic surface fixed with super glue superglue and dangle Do not forget necessarily fix coils with using super glue for example, after
  • 07:36: each of the fifth round of filled circuit super glue and wait a few seconds until super glue dries and You start to continue winding here I sure it did after the circuit
  • 08:21: fully wound and number of turns It turns 30 to pour circuit make solid fill via the same vessel per day and the need to carefully separated from the substrate but if it does not it turns out you can just plastic cut to only do not go for the sake of science Now that we have about
  • 09:03: should have then we need gather back We see the phone as a no backlash we is not that testifies successful adaptations in as a primary or transmitting circuit have a common printed circuit board, or but flat coil since the width quite expensive small, we need to
  • 09:34: the first place zaludit fee then enhanced by busbars in as busbars I use wires from computer power supply unit Insulation has already removed need to lead helped rosin and then zaludit soldered to the tracks but it should be done carefully to paths between a Do not short during construction
  • 10:22: I realized that the circuit the game is not worth the candle better primary circuit wind for the same technology that Now the secondary let's talk about transmitters transmitters themselves It is two individual node is a transmitting circuit or coil and of course generator circuit in my version involved enough standard Edition This timer 555 plus field-effect transistor
  • 10:53: Type erased 44 in principle you can use any n-channel field a working transistor voltage from well say 30 volts and above origins 10th 1 above Timer runs on 70 frequency kilohertz enough standard scheme which will be available for downloading in the description Roller find link for such schemes effective working the frequency is from 40 to 80 kilohertz circuit It may be different take e.g.
  • 11:24: more simplified option would also created for experiments here we we see symmetric Flicker 2 thin transistors back back to transistors and analogue compound in Now, this transistor part of that is power part as loads already connected a coil that is important have a generator Target pulse runs on the said previously purity and power part One of the first tests device
  • 11:55: receiving circuit connected warm-watt with white LED resonance condenser and coil course LED lights at a distance of at Bring height of about 3 cm experimental sample is powered by laboratory unit supply current consumption is about 160 mile amperes at 5 V V but it initial experience and wireless
  • 12:26: charger voltage of 5 volts Well friends another project almost completed remains only put it all dealing in body and in good way to dummy device eats about 160 current in milliamperes Charging time up to 1 amps all depend It is the degree of charge battery
  • 12:56: battery on the phone all files project data circuit boards and winding you can download turning on the first reference herein in the future there are plans alter this way some cameras and Tablet PC and then you have to start more serious experience Translate TV monitors in the north mode with a wired but if the power roller I liked not we forget to share and they all dizlayki but that is all a you as always was Kasyan to this meetings until