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how to remove damage, a malefice or a damnation - Sergey Boltenko.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello any Boltenko and today we will talk with you guidance cleaners that we have a ton the removal of damage but my father, I do not advise for the simple reason that As previously mentioned, any message sent space energy he is coming back so better to send only good and positive start
  • 00:31: first of all introduction of spoilage and Kuzbass It feeds quite easily simply wish that the bad man of course invest in yourself there negative emotions in their favor there is every possibility conspiracy ritual behavior they all boil down to one that this should all be on the topic and we come to the question of withdrawal
  • 01:07: before it is necessary to consider to understand what is the damage and with eyes why do not touch it at first guidance with eyes just imagine and the frequent cases of domestic evil eye a small child and the difference Marseille takes the child to wear a cap sheet launched a program that if a child
  • 01:37: Tweeters he will stand for although if you look at the neighbors such people do not tell the child that child goes wobbly time to remember but this child, even from the presence of Akun does not matter 80 that a simple certainly understand the parents they worried about their children to know it is necessary to control their words the more words reinforced by a sheet
  • 02:07: Here is the simplest right I'd say meat Douglas because the parents do not even suspect than March 4 gt awareness class when two people Kirov verbal skirmish We wished each other the ship you're there I charge it when
  • 02:38: there too close behind Briggs base but there they find a Monza hatred so that any skills Andrei pours curse it is more than seven years who on Wednesday distributed by comic It can even be passed on inherited removed all
  • 03:11: simply son of the class Moscow with the honor which is the same candle and here myself wailed prayers Jochi our point the whole year will be removed Turchin removed too candle there are methods such as, for example, and reading especially in the Psalter and also to be baptized without printing
  • 03:41: stronger and more far as well as their a curse filming festive ritual both through the mirror and through strong cleaning being done already there is specialists whose second talk and now the price simplest
  • 04:13: that way to protect yourself to disobey home Of course you love and conspiracies fight houses any criticism if you are with a every day wear salt stone naturally because that will have to be emptied Too Surgut restrain the evil eye directed
  • 04:43: Well, of course not keep large amounts of may include as relations pins head end clings years closer to the heart yet it can be worn the whole rhinestone it is no secret that it is not the right places so purchases generally all check not only
  • 05:13: beverages with the purchase because Many stones are then Rebels also as a protection use different monetarism cases We received from classes and feels bad at Valeria next day such a seeing the disease is sometimes for difficult that is, as if out of nowhere holding post 3200 even rare shod view
  • 05:44: or damage to the head of the list also release 1 tbsp and those kickbacks that is, if establish of course negatively on February 9 Then he took a man this negativity will be removed you it will be as a politician but often it is in itself the most and leaves MEDVIEDENKO you know a week for two weeks until You understand that it recoils
  • 06:14: 87 to remove all themselves they would with their relative and the more we do not want to son the hood could not in this photo start it crosses also carried out by a cleaning test taken as I have said on the subject of the cross plan on schedule
  • 06:47: and start crosswise normally 300 he will visit 7 and in this book the royal three kinds will be done not your earth as in heaven, our bread daily Give us this day Chinese doctors began said the station Kryukovo only three kingdom saves eternally to the sector
  • 07:17: land nor representatives kova Tsushin Istanbul and ever and ever and ever Amen Amen Amen in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit by name father and son, and holy spirit was no father's name and Son and Holy Spirit, Amen there is still fuel spells manchester media but there are also more sophisticated cleaning and Figure you Be kind to clean and store
  • 07:47: pireneytsy became human Turchinsky familiar pull even coppers cleansing when you brush influenza Worsted why grandmother villages what it then honor Can be cleaned properly cheats the people who honor tons adopting on their own negative it is necessary to protect themselves say
  • 08:18: or immediately after cleaning with particles son as a cross to the negative which we adopted by Poland it necessarily Safety means for yourself so another common method Removing negative temptations and
  • 08:49: simply dial the glass as they say the same prayers Yutkin Solomon nineties do not allow to drink however people and again with water and may also perfuse similar even if the EU Man Sitting what that thing It occurred and this water human where it is fashionable
  • 09:20: Tikhomirov stream itself can be surplus nation is aging Cleaning is also used it is through no words but worn with a I have been here slightly differently pour salt into the pan the usual if such a cracking start elect ie oblique pier there bloat loves us and direct your supporters need to
  • 09:50: while the data center has not become dreams cleaning of negative space or while standing people today until all you Hoover Sergei you can not write on a sink mail create some questions perhaps following our releases Gingerbread