Mariya Shulgina

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Whether it is possible to win against passions?

Whether it is possible to win against passions?  See details »

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  • 00:00: incredibly complex a question I would say so what to fight passions can It is only necessary to have in view of the fact that the first 50 years difficult then easier
  • 00:30: simple but many passions by themselves with gradually weaken and go away because they are so called natural passions but you can not fight their passions realizing therefore the main way from the Orthodox point of view view is the way self-knowledge and up to until a person sets himself the task self-knowledge he unfortunately receives the dark
  • 01:01: because you need to know than to struggle with what fighting what you want This is the way self-knowledge only here's the second thing you need bear in mind that Of course any work mental labor spiritual work is hard labor his amazed biblical words and that it does not happen easy to give for years is given by great difficulty
  • 01:32: gradualness dimensionality prayer book