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  • 00:23: Russia in southwest war and revolts are not ceased chief actor was
  • 00:30: courageous prince Daniel losing faithful ally Leszek White Daniel Romanovich He stretched out his hand brother Conrad Russian prince sent its shelves Poland, together with the Conrad besieged fortress to only in the annals it was said that none of the our ancient princes except St. Vladimir so far I did not go into the land Polish as Daniel the courage of Russian soldiers forced defenders city ​​to surrender
  • 01:00: Daniel concluded advantageous peace and agreed that it Russia is not participating in the Polish interconnected ah will never continue to disturb unarmed farmers with condition to ilaha same We arrived in Russia on return to fatherland Daniel He won Galicia land and remembering the old friendship with the king Hungary released prince Andrew to father so Daniel returned a city of which he was expelled
  • 01:30: another child Hungarians insulted behavior Taneyev Andrew immediately gathered great army and put in charge his eldest son Belo ordered to return Ganic this campaign had Hungarians very sad consequence to beat without the words annals spurned them in Carpathian Mountains of heavy rains Gorge filled with water from wagons and horsemen It sank with a large hardly a proud white
  • 02:01: I reached Galic Rain did not stop Many Hungarians killed in the Dniester swollen by the rains but time and quiet undisputed dominion over principality Galician It was far from Daniel began conspiracies between feared by leadership Alexander Belsky however soon to fled to Hungarian court there insidious Boyar was able to persuade King again go against Daniel
  • 02:31: this time the Hungarians luckier first gave Jaroslav then boyars of Vladimir made peace with Hungarian king Soon their example followed and Galich nobles prince Andrei again he took the throne in Galicia where He dominated up his death in January 1234 death year Hungarian Prince unanimous desire people returned Daniel Galic boyars did not dare
  • 03:01: will resist citizens soon dragged into infighting in southern Russian lands Denmark exhausted their army again He lost to Galicia This time the city Michael captured Chernigov to return their possessions Daniel deliberately I went to humiliation at Hungarian courtyard the ceremony the coronation of the new King White Russian 4 Prince led his stabbing what then was a sign
  • 03:30: citizenship humiliation was completely useless policy Hungarians have not changed Bela wanted to south western Russia belonging to different consequently powerless ruler than this except war incessant clashes They rejected all good daniele glad abortion shaft more German Order while not always happy Daniel excellent virtues of the heart and tireless
  • 04:01: exploits eclipsed other modern Russian princes one Yaroslav Gromov and Novgorod could argue with him ability of the mind and mental hardness these two princes associated friendship and new sister relations in January 1236 It was closer to their possessions