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  • 00:00: Hello I want to show Now such a device that once It has been done literally on his knees without practically instruments only I ordered from Turner Now here the rollers adapt to manually manufacturing of netting then I had
  • 00:30: when a little wire and had of the net to make it I had enough of that wire just 10 meters of netting and I'm in a hurry he built a adapt from scrap materials Tool I then it was not really no welding was a bedraggled which is cooked so badly cooked out visible she cooked so I he did not yet know how cook so well all of which it is a slab Quick Hit
  • 01:01: It means it It is working here here the main tube make this tube some half inch or what honestly do not parses delicious 42 on the outside that there are 37 in Turk picks up drawn as a spiral she had about here between the turns
  • 01:33: obtained well 60 millimeters shall consider turns what's a half times revolution somewhere and I I put on sandpaper cutting disc thick from the Bulgarian and that's I am doing this here notch and so we and welded to the behold
  • 02:04: you piece of iron Attach boards at I had it all is attached to the board Now we must all bombed board from the old in the morning and the old windows and It means this is now very thing that then turn the handle done on a simple Aiki welded onto true Turks are cooked Execu sawn in pipe
  • 02:34: House welded here and so pieces of meat Bearing and that's all a business is thrust and how it turns wrong with it is clear on Now this device to pull wire this is now suppose we will have That's how to show so better let
  • 03:05: we have here is so but it will be attached board here along It goes like this along board and to her I He punched a bar obliquely here's this here Feeder sample shall 5 to be sideways here parallel here this Now this slot to wire hence I came here still show that under sensor to pull wire I have a Now wire there's no thick
  • 03:35: this dvoechka I think I show on it for Now here she disappears because underneath the roller then this central roller the top and the roller underneath and has tightened this central there is such a roller stirrups points it tightens she pulled
  • 04:06: the wire there but it was fine wire here is not to get here such fine wire press you need to put a closer These rollers move for thick here this distance the distance between here rollers 110 Well millimeters I say it so
  • 04:36: now she pulled tact is narrow It goes and it should go here here under Here at this point this angle must here go further there is still attached on top oil with bottle thin tube that oil dripping here on these videos on the roller 1 and greased wire the wire should be oil given already here
  • 05:06: I have been just sex liter bottle there somehow and holes made tunic dripped here aim it was working out and further to we turned You need mesh tip this one is bent bend here and here hook it hook here so and how would you now so show it let me work
  • 05:36: Now this video and take away hand will hold like this I start to twist and she goes there go under the wire this slot it is necessary that there It went something like this here she came out and here
  • 06:17: But if you pull it I begin to turn short and she Here comes back again not it turns out because it is thin this wire tip it is necessary once again for night here need thick wire this vein that's it went to Here are all otkushu
  • 06:49: That such is obtained garbage and there made
  • 07:19: so it seemed from the edge I broke it before yabla first time Video removed shorter here it comes hence it here bite off the tip that is, I see First First held What should be done I took a bite of its length and here and here made such cloves that you it
  • 07:49: hang here I hang on this first nail it here like that obtained cost and when is 2 2 it turns out He comes here and gone At once twist in this ie 2 already wire is twisted once in that both the thread we should be as it scrolled again bit off and has the following so posting this air and again 3 begin to twist I went again
  • 08:19: twist here and Here is such a process is in general 10 meters to 10 meters, I then tied something 4 hours and probably Clippers should be sharp let thorns on thick wire pretty hard course from so on good wire cutters to fast cat cat cat and all pretty quickly done that show more videos
  • 08:49: videos here which then, in principle, still have videos can be in the market I do not think such sold in the market the main thing to do here then such primanochku here is a pullup nicho complex
  • 09:19: done in a couple of hours sorry so sorry I disassembled it I had but the thing is that when I assorted me ask camcorders do not even it was so I could not I think you have to shoot We understand the principle of just those who do not know think that the netting rather difficult to do and actually the whole of the machine from scrap materials well, except for these commercials rollers or in lathe order or the market
  • 09:49: must be sold in such way Internet where I seen shows man as a drill such as a drill rollers do this one here, this plate should be long to get a better capture better grab wire if it
  • 10:19: to make just such a short see here let him was short it is not captured fine wire and a clocked on slipped so I lengthened here It happened here the total length of 340's millimeters itself is a tube 165 width its width of at the inner diameter
  • 10:50: the rest of the tube on the eye so that all all while potpisyvaytes on channel stavte husky and all the luck