GRID IN the IRISH LACE the Rhythm and an irregularity in a grid

GRID IN the IRISH LACE the Rhythm and an irregularity in a grid  See details »

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  • 00:00: Unlike regular grid of irregular We use French then there are a couple of stitches and under the arches provyazyvaetsya column with one or two I sc Now at this point Now I want here write mesh knit the regular grid she rhythmically
  • 00:30: rhythmically will ie the same French classic grid and we see that from happens 4 3 4 lifting loop I am attaching the element grab two thread to thread not stretched 6 stitches column two 6 sc air hinge post with
  • 01:00: Well, two sc as we do here appears gusenichka cord means we provyazyvaem March 2 aerial loops at crepe 3 more air loops column two 6 sc air hinge post with two sc again 6 stitches to remove the pin
  • 01:31: on it and hurt it turns out here such regular grid it rhythmically here and equally ugly looks like that is if knit constantly here such series not clearly stand and fall when the figure irregular grid there's this clear series that we do that did not work
  • 02:01: Here is such a regular grid, we we can use different say Tricks that is where we are can connect 3 aerial loops and then our couple It will be a little less as it is very skewed well when we in Figure here such here items through that can be jump say tendrils twigs flagella through large element we are not desirable
  • 02:31: jump is not large knit chain we do not jump over great item and when many such Thin elements we We can through them jump and attached to them and so our grid may slightly stray ie little to change their Here is a clear graphic design the same rhythm Well let's rhythm here we've got 5
  • 03:01: arochek one two three 4 May let's try those same 5 arochek tie but slightly differently changing the barn First we arches So let's leave From the very beginning it is possible even with 1 here we attached at two or three times on May 4 6 stitches column two
  • 03:32: sc made at crepe can be further 3 Air bind loop and attach or under the arches and Velcro is done under arches that is, we it has a couple of less well to that it was different form but in size as the first we about
  • 04:02: knit a column with three sc and better if is not this moving column we Made with crepe gusenichka see 3 air loop ie the size of the arches almost like the first well in the form it It has different so we have brought down the rhythm that is, we the viewer a couple of little other form of
  • 04:32: We attach to the camping our flagellum here not much pull I want here so as not to drew drawing when we here are the crossroads in Figure desirable or sew them or join here when we do and we must capture join to Tyva and
  • 05:03: one of the drums and 2 flagellum further knit three four five six and you can go down But to this couple here because of the flagellum is not It is seen as though will share these Points can be done with crepe gusenichka like this one two three, knit here
  • 05:37: column two sc bit shift align 1 2 3 4 and 5 three arches growth four five six and Air loop here at We have the same six arochek but they form very
  • 06:08: others are not clear rhythm so it more irregular grid Now using such Tricks provyazyvaya admissible arches 3 air hinges column three sc Doing say like attacks up joining us down thereby regulating Now that that's clear and
  • 06:38: evenness