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  • 00:00: Hello to all my sweetheart relatives and viewers near and far and subscribers and the general all all all good people today my dear you a unique show Mask which have I was very I liked it but it is we will do it for this we need 1 teaspoon of honey and fish oil is also a tea scoop Well, where do without fish
  • 00:30: fat free Omega-3 our face without Vitamin b2 and a fade and that for fading skin this mask also from age spots and wrinkles and rashes from This is a super masochka and yet I I stirred and then it's just that we inflict Listen I will make I read one
  • 01:01: book about Elizabeth cipro and elizabeth she met with its fourth can no fifth I think 5 overboard sides such famous famous Hollywood actor they met at filming and he She said she was Queen of all beautiful just beautiful and it is not says let muzzle nice you Well, a little stout she out
  • 01:33: which sent but he so handsome and Lovelace was the moment Then they sat evening after the shooting and he did not know that He said that it he said, you fall He is sitting as if it does not it looks consider the hand He says do not worry his friend is brought it near he hears specifically loud Do not worry this she is a friend
  • 02:03: black for sure that was heated then you end up You learn in shorter but let maladetto on and here is how did he married her married to her ikse fell in love head over heels to ports on someone down the aisle to the flight he someone is gone simply fantastic Analysis Betty belief Generally he has done everything I wanted to see
  • 02:34: read elizabeth You'll like it still so beautiful Of course raskrasavitsa but that's all as a matter of fact Our mask is ready here such consistency Now we inflict it just around the eye I have to ask you around the eyes, we inflict the same fish fat from the ordinary the most common olive oil yes yes yes straight mix and soak the skin
  • 03:05: around eyes lightly and everything leave on for 30 minutes here are some I like this as it is to hit that you are a fashionable mask said that 30 minutes this insurance to 30 minutes here this mask must hold 30 minutes and then will flush from the beginning warm some water and Then will wash cold water and It will be super skin will be no super anything rash here it's necessary
  • 03:36: do well, maybe week to week girls about it let us saturate our our skin look it on your eyes will simply crushes all where such fine wrinkles they will smooth pimples literally the third day of the second will all disappear and redness of redness quickly leave immediately once for a few hours because this honey honey it per night Now you act
  • 04:07: Now I They put on 30 minutes shit you can warm some water all still something stay on top Then you do another Night creams help we wake up see you no redness will not follow a watch his on his skin his beauty and you will no worse than Elizabeth Taylor I am pleased to once again something
  • 04:37: helped come into my Salon I mean to yu tube and you will be happy I love you all your OKATO