Taisiya Scherbinina

Saved 1/5/14 8:56 AM from prayers

Strong protective prayer from enemies! (26 Psalm) - YouTube  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Lord education and my saving how shall I fear Lord protect against my stomach a year frightening and vnegda nigh and other malice and yuschem life there and my flesh offensive name Eurasia, and we are not out of I Shai padosha general Fábregas us and the regiment would not fear my heart and what will we back of the eye is not Vayu Go in front of the Gentlemen, that I will punish They have to get rid of the house
  • 00:30: LORD all the days of my belly these beauty LORD, and to gu shrine holy and ICCO Crimea strengthen their zoom and day the Crimea and the car its population at lifted up a stone and now today of my head on my enemies about the age of a fire in the village It its victims volition and you click on Vienna I sing and will sing unto the Lord hear God eyes a lot of them also cried
  • 01:01: have mercy on me, and heard teperecha my heart gentlemen, I will punish collect in my face Face of thy Lord I will punish not away the face your from less than or turn away wrath are working My assistant will not abhor mene and will not leave any god Thou my savior my mother and my father were to me Lord you nice law position of the Lord in your way and put on
  • 01:31: anesthesia and council the enemy we do not for the sake of betray least in the shower and narrowing my Jacob and the elders witnesses righteous from Albany the truth itself You see the good faith LORD in the land alive Have patience and gentlemen food of good courage attached your heart and Lord endure