Yuriy Udovichenko

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Self-made bed for UShM (Bulgarian)  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello all in this video would tell about the homemade version frame for Bulgarians someone at your fingertips grinding machine then it took will need you 20 the profile 20 40 at right angles angle of 45 degrees handles do it all quickly tired he quickly a bungled flash and hard under hands could inserted under the
  • 00:30: hands I lay a piece of corner 50 50 15 length two centimeters bearing FIG knows what inner diameter Allows you to insert at small processing it means a profile tube 20 at 20 respectively somewhere a little less than 25 millimeters inner diameter went to respectively here such attachment under
  • 01:01: the very bottom of the Bulgarians is It looks like all the way to the welding and the upper part yoke by means of the pipe 1st size by 2, we presses, taking into account respectively, to site and does not bass rotate grannies himself how then
  • 01:36: Bulgarians so it inserted a blank code inserted so it is not necessary to me, I metochku For this metochki expose relative to the axis also tighten to the bald We need to Sparks during cutting from lethal side I naturally Use the glasses
  • 02:08: greetings from the course what it is made to keep on I made myself Flip for that could be I still drive respectively drive I see that As for the 45 degrees Now there is such a little thing is inserted in this way and allows casting billets by
  • 02:39: 45-degree angle so what else to say means training said 20 to 20 20 to 40 well according to you must whitewash the principle is clear from when necessary to what can be done become more like most Bulgarians is needed workpiece under another
  • 03:10: the need there is not often then just mark required music someone handles or the clamp there is such a gift thus shields on itself is not mobile on the stationary it
  • 03:40: fastened to a workbench with via two pins welded to the corner and tighten with the bottom nuts It can be done mobile so far Why it is more convenient because that all the vibration time simply defined on the table at the same time we organize all still would Of course it is mobile we naprygalis loaf has a hand up like that's exactly here way possible
  • 04:12: someone will interesting option all thanks to all goodbye