Yuriy Udovichenko

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Self-made bed for the Bulgarian. Use options  See details »

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  • 00:00: come today as I want to promise describe how I I use this Mortise machine made from blanks Well you have straight cut We are seen in the first the video it is very just like that then clamped force or clamped clamp so cheesy so enjoy allows hard simply pressing piece profiled tube or
  • 00:31: same all round normally possible cut need grinders and unscrew use transport or use in the the current I to any surfaces comfortable wooden of course also weakened the lock nut can be birds turn and
  • 01:01: crop harvesting the desired angle also the whole mechanics can screwed to the sheet plywood any table any boards around the fact that have on hand this shape plate may dismantled and put just such a swashplate 90 degrees specifically to do on the corners of the machine
  • 01:31: sharp 45 degrees that could be some wolves or tube exactly at right angle 45 because why that this is the way screwing angle is also its elimination, we Let us give it more stiffness and on this I I will finish my today's review Thank you for attention I hope the video was useful to you until