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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners today we will talk with you again and sixty times today we you talk about Basilica and about and fear Well perhaps start here look closely you will see this is my snail the snail is still with toilet paper you You see I waited when the seeds hatch and now see grow
  • 00:30: You see what they great and good strong that we are now you will do here's a look carefully see they are my seeds now we are We will have with you to power our plant because Toilet Paper Generally nothing no matter how good no power and you We are with you pour and claimed here and roll snail
  • 01:00: roll snail already ground again, see unfold what wrong if some plants They are sprinkled ground leaves and soil cotyledon leaves land they are strong and I still forecasts and still get out here And so we continue with you continue zamatyvat our street Here in the land snail
  • 01:30: you and me we are ready and put rezinochku Now we just simply you should look maybe somewhere we slightly unfortunate poured earth and behold So on top of you pour the ground here So take a look here You see here here here little start something I say nothing scary if you little zasypet cotyledon leaves plants so strong
  • 02:00: they burst forth through the earth here's a look here You see what I turned wicket wicket with basil Well what I mean it is for the snail so that we then to you could have expand it and when you will grow big in his raspikirovat diaper that is it start our
  • 02:30: diapers here and so Our snail is we prepared it with you but tolerated drag it even it is not destroyed so good It holds its shape so we it now taking on a tray or where compel boxes now I am taking land and now we you talk about Asuka many complain Now that I am so I I love this flower but
  • 03:00: He bad a shoot that I you want to tell subacute it can plant seedlings but Again we seedlings planting in March, it is not necessary Now I hurry just now showing I want you to say even sell at about the craft and the very good kid but why put if this one is not did try to very next year well it is very germinate well and Of course I really love I plant like this
  • 03:31: seedlings but I do just like that some snails and Basically I love aster plant in open ground in the spring I'll show it to you I'm on top of it I cover film and just well amazing it turns out once it you can seat and not only for themselves but also your friends give seedlings astra Now let's you look look This aster I'm here again again planted in
  • 04:01: snail look like She then came up together have now I have it yet on the dressing here's a look magicians But if you carefully we see here you see visible see how well together hatch seed now we have that you do, we again as our basil we We are with you sprinkle ground our aster that is to give
  • 04:32: plant nutrition and That's how we take the battle and covered with earth We go to sleep a little layer like this enough to plant not grown prepared for landing in the snail that's willing to snail our with you with asters with aster seedlings to Again we do closely with you and look where we are
  • 05:02: We consider the land as it this is not enough here that the earth is waking up with you we just spiked again says nothing wrong if cotyledon leaves some little They covered the ground necessarily necessarily break through here and so see here our all snail almost must be filled lands here and so look see as there are many
  • 05:33: a-star now they food enough and they will move when rooted they grow up I'll be sure to when we show them with you raspikirovat in diapers as we We will do the most the main thing is how we We put the most the main thing is not to hurry and do not rush to sparring give the plant
  • 06:03: I gain strength I understand that you I want to do everything quickly but everything has its time It is the same as now I ask question Yuli show please like properly sow but the seedlings of cabbage dear ones but where are we are now in our you have not even March and we will sow cabbage so I I try to shoot all your videos in the order I'll show you
  • 06:33: how to grow my I plant them swooping I'm with them so let's do We will not be in a hurry patient you necessarily all I see this I finish the story its about a snail about about the asters and about basil to new meeting with you was Yulia me it yet