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Super economic LED lamp on 220 volts the hands.

Super economic LED lamp on 220 volts the hands.  See details »

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  • 00:00: I want today tell how make LED lamp at 220 volts for
  • 00:34: it was not necessary with a flashlight with reflector LEDs can be type LEDs very simple circuit the Internet can find the capacitor 2 resistance
  • 01:04: diode bridge electrolytic condenser and and a zener diode with LED flashlight then briefly what to tell do the scheme can be found in
  • 01:36: Internet but there is a simple LED flashlights united I have them in parallel resolder and joined successively cut tracks that's the way here that can happen
  • 02:10: Rule experiment like that burn LEDs efficiency of the Lamp very large 4 watt lamp's next It is such a lamp which is 10 watts lighting course
  • 02:40: It can be taken by More LEDs Well I stopped me enough so means I want it here All this circuit Here was a place lamp so I wish locate This case is all the We take out of here I think here the scheme
  • 03:11: that all fit That's how I want to start warn you in no case You can not break these lamps in them contains mercury They are very harmful and neatly when will dismantle neatly
  • 03:41: slowly all sides carefully carefully open here This scheme can be nip You can unsolder to brother scheme in any case These lamps are not
  • 04:14: they should crush handed over to the receiving station sure they then Well, that utilizes all I wanted tell more final option, I will not show Now when the Post the it is in this case all I will show you later final option while thanks back to our
  • 04:47: homemade there you are this turned diode lamp can be to say that you can twist simple socket for a simple light bulb Now let's see how it looks at the really nickle this way we
  • 05:17: lighting after going off discharge of the capacitor and for some time yet It remains the
  • 05:49: little light