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  • 00:00: Hello dear Art lovers with Here is a novel again soap-boiler today's video we you consider a new set of which It called Chrysanthemum in this has set itself it is necessary Mold a very interesting texture fittings glue leaves and stamen with leaf also we
  • 00:30: we will use utyuzhok first we start using toothpicks and glue silently to wind yellow stamen today we have stamens and turns petals folded twice so due to this we will surround flower as you can see on photos he enough fluffy so we will
  • 01:00: flower today is very dressy look at yellow stamens ready then we take the white white petals and in exactly the same way start quietly around our yellow larvae collect white I really liked one of your I wish to in its video gave Perhaps more Doing their own hands that is, to such blanks were
  • 01:30: ready at least little could forge their hands I understand your I hope that the question Now we have the following It will soon set all this will astra I will try to do so that you had opportunity not only to a ready to do workpiece we have to you had the opportunity These blanks make by now I I am sure I will consider this moment and I hope that you're happy in the meantime, and with you
  • 02:05: already quietly We glue our button note that due to the fact that very big and long Feed you can formed big enough space within Here, for example as in me and to could it some space way to remember can be use normal small residues Hummer and it simply
  • 02:37: by adhesive and there are small circles glue but now we are first make the texture of our petals everything is as usual putting a hammer-on to our gut and by pressing do the texture of our rice . and and
  • 03:16: after we everything is ready, we pier the city VM and We begin to glue leaves such a way that a portion Heat in the inner on the inner side our part of the pluton down on another question that I wrote about Topiary and small brooch hairpin soon we It will be several issues associated with technical part with Amiran also we will be a number
  • 03:46: series dedicated Topiary is still a series devoted to the series little past where will no flower and many small flowers necessarily will so little patience so we are glued our leaves
  • 04:16: try leaves paste this way that each I have watched opposite each from each other in a leaf side that is different directions to after we you have pasted all the leaves have space was a little less so we are now taking small
  • 04:46: zagotovochki and inside if you put satisfied with this space can so if you leave want it to space was filled a cut small chips fame early and can with using a gun adhesive this space Remember, in principle, you can take a pair of scissors not superfluous trim but I decided to leave so because I More like when bud still more
  • 05:16: a trim big Well I am very happy that you are our permanent audience if you have not our regular viewers necessarily subscribe to our channel ahead very a lot of interesting trust send your any questions what you wish the following would be desirable flower see our sets by email any comments the bottom place and the huskies I hope that all our
  • 05:46: lessons help you to your work All these sets have sold so come to our score You get these sets and each raduyte another interesting creative ideas and original idea you had an affair soap-boiler all you good and to goodbye but