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Como fazer laço de fita de gorgurão de forma simples e fácil DIY, TUTORIAL, PAP By Iris Lima

Como fazer laço de fita de gorgurão de forma simples e fácil DIY, TUTORIAL, PAP By Iris Lima  See details »

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  • 00:00: - today I will teach you how make that bond you will need a machine cut the tape a piece of blanket the gripper thread and needle glue gun hot pliers gossip paper white boy is a silk mind the tape is grosgrain number 9 and grosgrain ribbon is number 2
  • 00:33: let's start you will score 22 cm the brand will fold mark and will pass a 500 and you there You will need four pieces of cheese Now you will score two centimeters
  • 01:06: and will double the brand you will now same here where you marked will join the tip here and will bring it will get so now you will fold and now
  • 01:38: you are equal to the continuous tips you will need two equal parts this bent to that side a brand again two centimeters and we will do Likewise it is certain to pontiac will double
  • 02:09: equal tips and building the same thing but now you do not will turn to this side you will turn this way since it does not get port
  • 02:43: these parts need case equal to tip when I say that the pieces need marry that's what I mean they need to look like you have leaves separadinho here thus leaves the other party will do expected for this side
  • 03:20: Angola and holds and now this sentence you put in the position that you will do to maintain a time for fans wrong will leave it now we do
  • 04:00: it is important that you need to learn that part that is what will insure a
  • 04:30: Throw detail down here too You can not forget not hold it will drop and will not stay cool I have already stressed todinho it will get so now you will have to vote as were formal tie and will close C 3 shoots the needle spin
  • 05:11: in this mode and pull not have to be repeating several shops that not bursts you will now close the faixinha but I do not know this rate you have with the sun
  • 05:54: pliers is linked to a tight little ensures that its the same john colaço beside my fingers I saw that rely finish line
  • 06:27: I will not kill just to stay like you'll get seven centimeters and a half will mark will be there here that I voted twice made double because I have the tape missing number 5 Navy then I have to use this not no problem
  • 06:59: you will make the finish finishing with care not to let excess glue the ball must fall mania
  • 07:33: you will fix the trap him there and learned glue here is always the same We are shooting people and roll mandate
  • 08:07: safe and you only give a final tidy
  • 08:40: in it he Armadinho primes another different bid if you like likes shares and wait I have more pity taught