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Como fazer laço de fita de gorgurão com 3 camadas DIY, TUTORIAL, PAP By Iris Lima

Como fazer laço de fita de gorgurão com 3 camadas DIY, TUTORIAL, PAP By Iris Lima  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello staff a video today I will teach how to make this long loop layers do not need the machine cutting the tape already think of the needle thread the hot glue gun of pliers gossip of great commitment to the role of a tape to measure a silk stocking
  • 00:33: I'll use the tape number 5 we need four piece was to 12 cm four pieces of 13 cm and
  • 01:08: middle and four pieces 15 I cm and you score 12 cm mark which was the little mark and pass on little machine to know
  • 01:43: there I'll also need a piece with seven and a half centimeters to the finish here you will learn pays double and will be there the point already leaves reservation
  • 02:15: now let's get it will position tape is thereby folding once of 3 and passes under Now you have with great commitment and holds not drop and pick up the tape with this hand and will fold 23 passes
  • 02:50: low and leaves a position to fix you already put in the position you need twice that here has left the position you will talk yourself
  • 03:21: It looks like these sides so has always that homelessness here you will do the same thing 23 passes underneath and holds though giving with the other hand 23 and has put in the position
  • 04:02: not discussed here homeland this is the way it has to go here you will do the same thing 12 It is so weird but missed it will work 23
  • 04:34: now supports the position you he goes all phrase you will see to see if it is just right you will test Here it just tries the middle so and here a symptom now only phrase will make no
  • 05:08: You have a problem with this excess you will eliminate it there you go fasten it does not take over the machine do not forget that it is always good before you phrase you always leave in the right way and then there
  • 05:41: problem not change parts the fk Now you will cast off put under excess
  • 06:20: here you do not need to press too no problem you can leave leave it is the sert you will now take over with careful not to cut the part that you wrinkled cut chop shop
  • 06:52: now you will do the same will shirring the other parts in the same way I purse the other party I sentence is this and the other will also be Boy likewise has no secret just do the finishing where the same thing you will get the
  • 07:43: excess the reserve will close another there the woman slipped in between the same mother It is no secret
  • 08:13: come over we cast off half closed
  • 08:44: and now we will assemble them this one is the most this is the middle
  • 09:16: You will position it in the middle and just right It will take into consideration sides this is equal to this year one to confuse meanwhile certinho Tajra a team here the same thing
  • 09:53: now you will paste on hold found good for glue learn even same necklace because this bond are three layers it
  • 10:26: can get can not souto to the finish but some glue and now on the other side
  • 11:04: here always have to be careful not stay and that has more celso hidden but will stay in the head being of the child if you are a little baby that can put this hurt us gets ugly now let's fix if you want and you amassadinho
  • 11:56: apple you want to look good and cuddly now you try to eat with cola blanket tighten it is ready
  • 12:34: if you enjoyed cost falls within the channel and will soon have more there is said by there