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  • 00:00: Hi everyone , today's video I'm going teach you more easily and make the little satin ribbon florets is a very simple technique very fast I bet you will like it and in I'll show you how I did this. with the little flowers and go to the Materials Needed Thread and Needle scissors a tiara silicone glue liquid loops ready in green color
  • 00:31: pearls of two millimeters and ribbon of five-millimeter wide satin and let's go step by step and I'll go start by folding the tape causing she stays so one points to each side then I'm going to bend the tape passing one end over the other and I'll keep braiding until I get there. at the end of that small tip then already found braided dinho and
  • 01:45: now I'll hold both ends and I'll pull bigger points. and so is forming our little flower and now it's just you to sew well in so as not to risk jumping the tape I'm giving points normally and I'm going
  • 02:15: give a ride if it's to stay very safe and I'm going to make a little flower again for
  • 03:13: You can see better how I did it. fold tape in a way that the two one end for each side and I will by folding a ribbon over the other arrives at the end held the two ends and
  • 04:23: pull bigger and to decorate the flower more, I go
  • 05:27: to sew a pearl well in the center and I'll also sew one so one and
  • 06:46: these loops super easy to find it's already ready and I bought one package with 100 units for two and 80 you find in any sea any the lights are now ready and now
  • 08:03: We're going to start riding kyara. I used 20 flowers and tihia hurry and now it's just paste making the florets stay next to each other and to give a much better touch already
  • 09:37: I'll finish the little flowers soon. with the lashes facing the so that the loops of the two sides are facing away from the low and this was the result
  • 10:39: Good people this was the video of today I I really hope you liked it. If you liked the video clip, I did not like it. if you are not yet subscribed to the channel sign up to keep up with the next videos and until the next video