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  • 00:00: Hi guys in today's video I'll show You are step by step from this heart. custard made with pearls and beads and with that noise around and to make Arabs will need to feel the Oura pearls before people I I am four millimeter beads I am using light in silver color line and needle you can also use nylon or a firmer type of line but I
  • 00:31: I used the same common line of income these well - skinny and we will I needed 68 with a tiara and silicone glue but may be using wake up to make you hot glue or other type of glue here as you can see I already cut hearts occur two hearts of the same size and now I'm going to start giving some
  • 01:03: dots there at the tip of the heart leave this line very firm and now I'm going through the needle one pearl and miss angola and then you boy the needle
  • 01:40: again by the pearl this way here and now it's just you keep sewing the legs in the heart the same way put a stone i 'll put a miss Angola and then I come back with a needle through Pearl And as you can see, I preferred it.
  • 02:29: start stitching the canvases by splicing My heart felt that way better. You do not have to worry about leave your legs too close to one another can not be left a little bit the facade because then how many are pearls will be fine leaving it way and as soon as I go doing it I sew the first turn in the heart then the cost in turns in as well as the Last
  • 03:00: God
  • 04:09: and to cast off the line has no
  • 09:48: no secret, I'll give you a few dots bottom then I come back with needle line through Pearl I go back to the back and some other little things do not even think about you finish off you cut line access and the four is now ready and now
  • 10:23: Let's make some noise to put around. From the heart and to do not have No secret, I'm going to start giving some a few little dots to leave the very firm line at the tip of the lace then I build points well the end of this income I already got used to the end of the rent
  • 11:41: So now to do that side well. cuddly I'm just pulling the line straightening and slack of income to stay installed pretty cuddly and now it's just you and your lap in this income
  • 12:26: in my heart I'm going to glue few I put some glue of the two hearts and I 'm pressing pressing and adjusting to the few how can you see numbers on a
  • 15:31: little clown No problem, it 's just you cut the over and continue sticking our heart is ready and now I'm going to press him a little pressed for a few minutes with the My hand even for his necklace on
  • 16:02: two sides of the felt and the next step just put the sonata and ara and that was the result the heart is
  • 16:49: very cute you need to have a little patience at the time of sewing the pearls but the which is worthwhile because so far looks very beautiful Good people, I really hope that You liked it if you liked it . I change the click on the taste and I know you have not yet subscribed to the channel follow up with the next videos a kiss and until the next