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  • 00:00: Hello guys Today's video will be pass by love to be beautiful with hearts and let's go until you guys need pearls I'm using feathers of three mm enlarge the scissors and other silicone glue 30 to mark that I'm using is one of those who turn off by herself Can you use a pencil and another? something you prefer me too I'll wear nylon and the beads and let's go
  • 00:30: there to spend you spend here with you are seeing I've already cut the mold and how always the sauce is available for You there on the blog and a blog link. here is the description of the video I already cut humor and I cut one twice the same size and I go start making the mark now are Little one, I want it to be okay. Right then I'll bend it in the I'm half and I'm going to score that little law. for it to be very even or at least as close as possible to
  • 01:00: On the other hand this helps me when to sew the legs to be right and Now I'm going to start sewing the pearls I already put the in the line on the needle and of a little candy there to look good sure and then I'll give you a few dots in the heart for the milan sure, then I'll start to sew the legs I'll put two legs at a time and I'll sew this shape here I like both legs after I come back
  • 01:59: with a needle and go through the two legs and then just put the other pearls and continue showing the same way and I got to enjoy the legs around the two hearts I just sewed my legs but I
  • 05:24: I will not cast off the nylon and I will continue to care for her in this way and I'm going to take him right there to that 6 in the And now I'm going to start sew the beads and look for beads have no secret is well easy, I'm not putting three in three beads and I'll continue in the chains and one on the high side leaving always close together to get around the two hearts here as you can see I already like
  • 11:46: even being up taking all the And now I'm going to start sew the pearls there in the middle I preferred to do sewing because these mission says I'm using them not they take very well with the silicone glue so do not talk just pearls sticking and the beads crying I preferred to do all sewing and to build the stones and doing but today I started I'm continuing the legs of two in two farms always the same way I
  • 16:38: It is
  • 17:52: I've already finished my smaller heart now.
  • 18:37: Yes, I'll do the nylon, I'll do it. a few dots on the bottom and I back back and forth from the screens passes through a pearl and again gave a few dots underneath me I'll do more for at least three pearls and then I go to another nylon I'll do the same and I'll start to sew the other heart and so the two hearts the next step is to cover this part of down because all the stitching remains.
  • 19:09: so I'm going to paste a second layer of felt here a little as close as possible but even if a wrong little part with little part left is only you cut the excess the hearts are already ready and
  • 19:49: now only you stick them in the worsening It is planned at the time of gluing I'll get the preachers and I'll put the tiara to be able to hold the heart even the necklace if a little and this was the video today
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