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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I I want to tell you about trick which capable of increasing and your eyes at least visual course operation we have today do we not but the at least via cosmetics can be visually emphasize some traits that some persons hide something to do More to do something sword and, in general, it is long-known fact and today I want you talk about this Technology I she learned recently I have long and not I noticed but at the same time, I realized that here
  • 00:30: it is now very popular and its polls use all and make-up artists instagrame everything makeup artists and fans makeup trick rather simple but it is very much It changes everything so be sure to I see you more everything else So I tell what we need to do to increase eyes with arrow if you are already I am watching my videos arrows you know I recommend draw arrows on the border between the crease not moving eyelid and
  • 01:01: that is movable if we consider the now my eyes behold I have just this limit the crease there are here refracted in my this point there crease of the upper eyelid stationary and and lower rolling by arrow classics drawn on it border of the evil that is Here in this place here if you make a make a it seems like I have now in front the arrow is not here very go because they spoil the shape makeup
  • 01:32: note that shading the line I is pretty holistically 1 I moves to another and if I here I draw the arrow it turns out that down lower Hangout that mimics shadow that is, It simulates a new hole shape of the eye and also nowhere near I have an arrow which also sets direction and if draw an arrow here it looks pretty ridiculous that is, I guides and roughly 2 speaking different guides because
  • 02:02: that it will be higher and it will be lower so I do not always It is recommended for CMYK but do arrow Lately I I noticed this trick which is very often use other makeup artists and he also It was very popular Now instagram is to draw the arrow on the bottom line shading that is you crank the arrow because usually here on border and folds much lower than that She emphasized here namely lower your shading now I you
  • 02:32: I show you what I mean for this to work you really need detailed brush eyeliner and first line I put the guide much lower than my the upper eyelid and thus way I mean it all up here somehow about what I certainly not start the arrow at the end of I start shading her somewhere about darkest point
  • 03:02: My shading on lower eyelid, and she I almost already it comes to the bottom eyelid Now if you drooping eyelids it It will also be good corpse for you now you need to sketch triangle so that he just I passed through the border here This fold is here there is this is now part of the we will be in the dark triangles our arrows in the open I start to lead the eye his arrows
  • 03:32: movable century here what am I mind and now we We need the arrow sketch and of course do more engaging the has to align its then we just as usual and finish on nothing special it is not necessary to do and if now
  • 04:02: attentively look at that It did seem that on the contrary it is an arrow further down my eyes but here we get help eyelashes that is itself alone arrow It is working to enlarge the eyes a must make up and eyelashes a must false eyelashes which will be very fluffy to the outside corner of the eye now, I show you what I mean, let's first make up upper lashes and the bottom very well stain just each
  • 04:32: cilium try highlight and paint over and the same top eyelashes eyelashes mascara it is not painted and now I will move on to false eyelashes I'll use arteries eyelashes which is called house of his success and how You see the outside corner of the eye they much longer than much more fluffy ca. inner corner a stubby eyelash glue we also will be on special
  • 05:02: and if I usually pasted eyelashes, I would I pasted them here as that here and so for to external my eyes and the inner corner eyes was with ciliated the inner corner eyes just be there cilia I where we ended actually do end and the same same with the outside but for the eye area this technique we should be lowered lashes much lower rather not but much lower a little bit lower for to end
  • 05:33: eyelashes emphasized the arrow which we drew and so this arrow like a bit hidden even at the fluffiness These cilia are now let's still Glue them and show your final and as a result when I see to make up the eyelashes All this greatly Now corrected corners as yet and raised more than general get-together is even more saturated ie this line is raise me up from the bottom century it even more
  • 06:04: stresses here that eyelash area and as an arrow which is hidden behind these lashes here Basically the whole a big secret I hope this video you really liked actually all make it You know he is very it varies greatly two millimeters to two millimeters here here a little bit higher here a little bit lower and You are getting dramatically just different effect on your face and today I you tried to show how it is possible cheat a little bit and visually enlarge
  • 06:35: eyes at the same time Of course as I have said the need to necessarily lashes without them it is not It works and also you need a little bit of cheat with an arrow This type of makeup It looks amazing because the photographs that the photograph all that you do I can not see and be seen just the general shape your mask if it is to holistic if corners eye enough dark and at the same time week there wring such here the line in the pictures in
  • 07:05: You will have precisely this form of eye that you ask makeup in general, I hope this video you I liked and it was necessarily put my finger up subscribe to my channel if you yet still this not made for not to miss in My Videos My future network, you can also can be found here it for me, and there watch any update my Photos head the online games like I'll be with you Now say goodbye and Numidians following
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