Passo a passo: tiara de pérolas e chatom  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi guys in today's video I step by step plus a model of chiara with pearls and this time is this blue model with pearls and chaton super easy to do and we'll need to expand the 4mm silicone glue Liquid Scissors Thread and Needle for help pearl necklace distrai chain
  • 00:33: felt a lighter and we'll need also of two hats in drop and an annoying oval shape and I already I cut the felt, I cut the companion. and this one here will not be easy now we will do it there, following the chatons format I'll start when chaton collapses well in the center of the filter then I sweep ds chatô competitor says bring It is
  • 01:35: the next step is all day chaton with pearls
  • 02:05: haha ha I
  • 02:55: now I'm going to glue a hat in drop on each side of the chaton I'll do the same with him. first I paid of this chaton 40 and this brings and then I sweep day with the pearls that way here and lastly I'll paste a career
  • 04:57: close to the routine all the jacksons and now I'll let it dry and when
  • 06:42: You're completely dry, I'm going to cut the excess of felt and started to apply and has no mold
  • 07:18: to do second layer I'll put him on another piece of felt and I'll cut it in the same format so now just apply paste in the tiara and then with the second layer
  • 07:49: of felt over the tv ara and me I chose to glue this way because it applies It got a little heavy then to hide that glue that looks like and also gets even safer is good that you take the 2nd chamber of the filter and lastly here with the wedding still
  • 08:29: I'd better pass a lighter through the entire ball of the wall so that it does not no thread so this is personal this was a video of today I hope you guys liked this model if you liked click on liked and do not leave yours opinion here in the comments lots of kisses and until the next video