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Knitting by cap spokes jacquard pattern. Decrease of loops - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello. You are on the channel Everything in the World is connected And today we will knit a jacquard namely the jacquard element - the knitting cap. The hat will be weighed. I knit it for my daughter. strings in my combined Threads from NAKO these are the gray ones now I will show the label Nako BABY composition 60% bamboo fiber
  • 00:38: and 40% polyanide in 100 g of thread 230 meters knitting needles №4-4,5мм and hook №3 thread soft very pleasant and also children's acrylic soft soft thread is not pricking
  • 01:10: and most importantly does not creak on needles link to the thread below in description and so we start knitting I chose the pattern of hearts here as shown in the video I already knitted this jacket with the little daughter's daughter
  • 01:43: it turned out to be very beautiful was associated with mohair I have this pattern on a piece of paper also leave a link under the video on this pattern this light pattern knits without broaches that's the wrong side
  • 02:18: so she looks when you knit you will not need to look at the leaf just look at the beginning of the series so we put the threads along the side of the finger then when knitting you will not get tangled threads
  • 02:51: Let's start knitting on the pattern you need to tie 5 blue knit with facial 1 2 and 3 we knit that there was no broach falsified below this thread and capture blue further we knit so
  • 03:25: Now we knit 2 gray now 5 loops blue
  • 04:05: 1 2 3 we tie it under the bottom, grab it, pull it out