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D.I.Y crepe paper peony. A realistic peony from paper  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi today i'm you I'll show you how to do it incredibly beautiful Peonies made of paper for we need this pink green lying which free paper wire floristic ribbon and glue gun resample templates petals fold the goffer
  • 00:32: paper in several layers and cut out all leaves it is necessary to trace all the petals lay along the cut corrugated paper but not across stretch paper in one direction just need this
  • 01:23: small petals all leaflets of hearts and 8 large petals with great mysticism five small we cut the middle carefully stretch the petal to become semicircular repeat this with all the details we take a long stopper
  • 02:17: turn off the eyelet at one end and glued to it in middle further we glue
  • 02:52: small petals to in the middle order of glue the petals hearts make sure that the top the edges of all the petals were on the same level
  • 03:22: shelli paste slightly lower remaining after all
  • 04:19: petals are glued on circle to the bottom flower paste little green leaflet glue together large leaflets with a short wire face glue the edges floristic years so the sheet and start wind up wire then we twist three
  • 04:51: leaf together glue the edges floristic tape to the base of the flower and twist style switch to it
  • 05:37: our three leaves from next we make a stem thicker and stronger if you originally mowed thick wire You can and do not do if a piece of paper
  • 06:20: the you can neatly glue with glue well here is our house ready I hope you liked