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  • 00:00: Hello to you Today Dr. Vlad after all I put on a medical form because today and I will show tell on medical things about than we will talk in I have been there a couple articles on the site Dr. Vlad dcom in which I touched on question constipation me Much has been written about these constipation is what people especially such older constipation suffer here and so I now
  • 00:30: show that the point Well you can try push yourself But on both hands and. on the hand that's cause and thus carry emptying intestinal here I am this point used widely first time I I tried to do young guy I I wrote somewhere in one of his articles that's all there was to it something around 20 years student he means 2 disease was first it's terrible sweating
  • 01:00: legs here but we had managed here and there he did basins oak bark here and I general held him a course here and here it is here. Order of the day I called him showed that's tried it I have it literally there in a minute He fled from the couch I ran to the bathroom He is very good it. but I acted young people for older
  • 01:31: this age. effect can be not as active okay meaning from words to deeds where this point It is and how to use it I work here now try turn it It is on hand to deepening here But on someone forefinger in I'm here and I finger put on the joints and on the joint due to forward forward a little bit of Thumb fell here
  • 02:01: such a depression in the ground here it is. that day it find a Well how else can be somehow better show well here joint forefinger food and there and here opa this pit here on this. We need to act how well I usually start I will show on the right hand usually start with left hand here means can take advantage of a sight massager that is,
  • 02:31: we press to the Windows windows reinforcing strengthening then the pressure in After even a little tremble at COB released davim davim we press further into the end little imitated so that's released that's exciting a method particularly well who is weak intestines but that is intestinal atony doctors call here just in elderly
  • 03:01: people davim davim davim like me better like this we press op davim we press the end a little shake and Now let go of such movement can also use here a lot of needle hammer how best to show Now that's brand-new one of my job just hammer tests raise so now and so on, I do I feel like this here Cookware that is well
  • 03:32: nothing but only here So knock knock knock on this place until long as it does not pull them I'm not here brought their wormwood cigars but it does not matter you can also burn wormwood cigar I was not there on the site there are other video on youtube and website often wrote that instead of Well take it Now I take a pen Imagine then you are here this wormwood cigars could Garden now you and set fire she glues hold
  • 04:03: hold and Rob's So here such adhesive movements here and so this point 1 2 slightly warmed on let a little bit warm but released about as Here are just a finger finger we lift up the pressure here and here the effects of heat here this half of the cigar and put it on the cheap game let go and put it on and again strongly let a like this
  • 04:33: way try it will only one thing I have to say that even if will please do not overdo it is this not help but treatment when aid now carry the intestine is full to empty all the way and laxative Now you can help use try use this point again stresses they treatment is only text well as an enema that is, it tone up
  • 05:03: intestines and even how this can often be use but know if the really you constipation and such Serious somewhere twice a week is not often this is not done course it's not every Day to you intestines earned once or twice a week and yet for all But the fact that I said I It has repeatedly He said online Dr. mood always consult with their doctor no matter how hurt here but me today
  • 05:33: What about the point where they are p I show once again to those who missed the top here here so I Now that's a joint and Now we go go pop on it Thumb down but that's it is this. right away for joints here is dimple and here we are it, you can just try Now such movements and UPA Now I have a good acts like this well in generally understood so well, good to all goodbye all good