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  • 00:00: good day today we have unboxing Chinese iron Russian blades on see how they are look ordered himself here such prizes makkri they cost me
  • 00:37: nine dollars now nothing standard zhelezovsky purchase see what's inside yes, and very much so for 10 we got 8
  • 01:18: machine tools let's get like mine the last seemingly real A vest has some kind of differences so we
  • 01:57: Chinese variant had a real here today there are no strong differences Well, it's seen that here these are even glasses less sets than akti we look here the parties here it is the same purely externally
  • 02:31: no although there is no fault strong entertainment see was perhaps that the points of their rills
  • 03:01: slightly larger than from these bakugan stickers of a watering can this not just a piece plastics Well, purely externally absolutely equally
  • 03:34: as in practice well it is necessary it is pleasant while you watch them worthy or not so all for now here pay attention sharpening of the present Lisa a real vest of digging it very much flat as a descent one only one this dirt and honed once
  • 04:04: look Chinese alesia if you can see she is sharpened low taps available at least three stairs grinding the raft and you you can notice that for sure she is not alone going down to the finds give at least
  • 04:35: are you very clear stairs and sharpeners this blade was respectively can see how much It was poorly tool for sharpening what are furrows he left on the blade well and at last than mechanically differ these liz Chinese from they are not
  • 05:05: return back to these are just a loan for wife 1 and here and the field The tests said that afraid of Chinese whether it is possible that unless holding his eggs fist and you creaking teeth and is not afraid such impression that did not shave before me
  • 05:36: half of the china and then all if you liked the video subscribe to channel to catch