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  • 00:00: unfortunately not always impossible to find driver for your device and it probably so situation you reinstall operating system You go into the Manager devices here device Manager find it a device to be with conflict that is or operational the system does not recognize this device or operational system device but not recognized could for him pick up appropriate driver and also it is likely that
  • 00:30: even setting all drivers from disks that you attached to your PC yet still less will remain in the tree device Manager some equipment that does not drivers, and then necessary to identify this equipment find him appropriate driver Well, it you respectively install Now offer consider two The first situation The situation is when equipment you It is inside system unit it is either a something built in
  • 01:01: motherboard or also e.g. periodically such the problem occurs at laptops when there any devices eg network card or built-in motherboard bluetooth module It causes conflict operating system weave operating system can not pick up appropriate drivers and those drivers who have You have it also for some reason not let's fit now consider this option is I have such a system No devices Novak it does not matter if Even such devices
  • 01:31: I had, in general, action algorithms It will be the highest of the same What we are now with you consider So let's imagine that I any such problems with the network card even though I operating the system does not recognize the device as a networker network card it appears we in the appropriate other section devices and we have to you will do should call context menu by right mouse button on device select properties and transfer properties information on vkladochku
  • 02:01: here and on Vovka Information tab has drop-down list of the which we need select Haydee equipment what Haydee equipment is identificational number or more called code instance the device number or a combination of characters it uniquely determines what kind of device and therefore food device you You can pick up driver and most cases even receive information about the model devices on
  • 02:32: Manufacturer this equipment and so on adi equipment they consist of such a plurality of symbols let's see what they stand first we have with you It comes three letters VN which means the finder have a supplier this equipment followed by the symbol underscore and go symbol in this case, is 8086 These four figures indicate the number of producer this device or rather even a little while manufacturer's code
  • 03:02: this device followed by the icon and icon and are three symbols ai These three characters is to reduce of the word fighting a device or equipment etc. It is again a sign of and underscores go further and symbols the device then comes icon again and then go again some symbols on with you large is interested only in respectively characters after the veins and characters after df to
  • 03:32: icon End these characters we are with you will be able to but help us with you We have to turn to Internet go to Internet Internet there are lots of sites that we can help one called pisey do the bass on this dot com site when you look at it you'll be a You can see here two here such here the window in the first we We can help with first cats we We will be able to find something for our manufacturer
  • 04:03: Devices in second respectively we can determine that for the device we let's set Now let's see how this is done I OFFSET window slightly to the side to have been visible figures and now will take place in the mind Wenders ruff 8086 blowing search if 100-f Now click on winder search there displays information about the supplier this device
  • 04:33: intel company If we now go back back and press All device dig there I have there the following information here's my device We device code owned 100-f is GB ethernet-controller then there is a network map it tells us the word online gigabit network card and accordingly, our code is now clear to us you need is Go to official site intel company is it's all very simple
  • 05:04: if you do not know how official website just enter any impale or directly from here copy this name copy paste and is likely to enter my very first It will be the official The site of the company provider so in general, that there the first site after This ad unit Russian-language website intel you can on him and go respectively look for a section
  • 05:34: support or section drivers and download thence driver NIC is on the Internet also many sites on which you Not only can get information about is that you have for device established in but the computer immediately and one driver download of these sites Haydee called div. info this site is not the first I caught the eye Basically never but I enjoyed I think these sites Internet on you and you find plenty respectively can they use as a work with these
  • 06:04: all sites here easier to just choose any code value equipment and copy you through context menu go to the site and box search request simply because clipboard embed code device, press the button to search here comes from We search the issuance of in search results here you see great amount Drivers really judging they are around here the same type but in the Among there are here
  • 06:35: eg driver adapter for network adapter driver is what it is well, in general theoretically all of these Driver suitable for this device respectively here still have tabs on which you can choose the operating system for which you are looking for Driver and download the driver you can on its own a computer Pressing proper button and so on here is a matter of Technology in general is download process as well as any other but it is clear that the site be careful download at
  • 07:05: these drivers sites you see that the file that I invited download bear exe extension it means that this file potentially safe he can contain viruses or it can be built some malicious program so always be careful when you download something from here here such sites I always still I recommend first turn to look driver on official sites producers devices so we are We considered the first option when you You are looking for a driver
  • 07:35: device is It is from you and on motherboard so say it is either it is integrated motherboard or it is connected to the motherboard and very is set to specialized motherboard connector payment and if you have some removable device for example now I I try to connect external computer Web camera from me the system tries but to find the driver it is nothing more will not work, and so what is gone data from web cameras as a driver on
  • 08:06: it will not install I need it respectively, and to identify and to find Driver online as the most We do the same things call context go menu We go to properties Information tab, choose Haydee equipment Now we need you select one of these Well, let's options for example more take a long option to proceed dvd info site paste it into a string search query and press the search for you you can see that the driver is not
  • 08:36: found the same in principle, will if we are Now we take and we use more short version Here you name the same in general, it does not matter a driver on This site is not I it is checked as you see also driver if we do not have with you use the site pisya lender and he told us, too, will not work because that this site we it is focused and apparatus for Picea that is, a device that we is located
  • 09:07: motherboard but nonetheless Let's check click search and you You see here no opinion the results of any we no search search Go devices too We gave nothing because he gave us some marilyn split bridge but not a vendor corresponds to that which we were so no help from us This site does not have general
  • 09:37: largely from this device We need to do follows us you need to copy the code a buffer device exchange View search engine for example in google and paste the code to enter Field copies for search query and then we have to look for a driver relevant sites here you You see a lot different sites You need to go to these
  • 10:07: sites and watch what information is out there there are drivers usually it is in that most times resting archive either in the form of distribution that It has a mounting You want to file run test this file as is an potentially dangerous can a contain viruses or other I hope that this Information was to you useful and using it you You can solve problems that are could theoretically occur after reinstallation operating system windows