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  • 00:00: Hello good Welcome to my channel today for you I will cook together mom Moldovan dish is It called it placinte in Moldovan and in Ukrainian and prostrated in Russian, I do not know How it's called if someone knows You can write to interested in hearing we start with the dough and
  • 00:30: for the test we need somewhere about half a kilogram flour here we add salt and 100 milliliters sunflower oil so delicious dough delicious and more soft crumbly then There are still here need add water to it all I gradually show as filling all rolled out if you are preparing interesting to see necessarily
  • 01:01: stay in my channel and continue watch this the video for filling these prostrated we use here These are the products the first filling it dill and onion can be use green onions will also be very delicious even in this mixture add cheese salt and eggs to be added and sunflower oil Mom me here therefore suggests she spoils us these planets I had them I do not cook it Moldovan again hammer and repeat
  • 01:31: second dish filling Cabbage is also white onions and here, too, are added testicles all this I show step by step how to make a grant in cabbage still need will add now RAM incrementally as we Prepare the filling here I repeat dill onion Mom already salted and what else will be here add oil sunflower oil ground pepper and all the sunflower
  • 02:01: add oil here this stuffing with dill and divided into two One part will be without cottage cheese in the second we added two packs cottage cheese just say no pay attention that so many toppings We have a lot and I take my mother and we so we are very love these fell down and and boys to work tomorrow and we prepare the dough you prepared it I rested somewhere half hour generally very convenient to begin
  • 02:31: make dough set it side and then begin to do filling but we do it at the same time and so Here are here are doing roundels somewhere something like this forms do not know how to explained Well here such here roundels that's not all do not forget that the test we have, we still have to separate bowl do you here 4 Now we will be their roll on supreme show that dough that's still there now, we We shall mean thickness
  • 03:03: roll when Roll out with a rolling pin I show about what thickness and then will spread start unrolled one krugleshok and It happened here here Here is such a size Such is not the thickness I know how much it is exactly not much subtly and not much fat is now we apply stuffing and will show how It is going to step alanets and it too the needs of the moon and the
  • 03:33: pour cake a small amount of sunflower oil him well pounded brush and then to top lay out stuffing here we are now we have greased sunflower cake oil and must give to be somewhere around five minutes to the dough was about yes to the dough rested and then but You will be better a separate plate recruit small
  • 04:03: amount of filling well about to enough for this cake is done to here add an egg to the general egg mass not and add it all let will be spread water and not the taste so it is Throw number 1 egg it's all good mix after both rested our dough spread will our stuffing all the dough has rested Mom already posted
  • 04:33: stuffing is now distributed over Our cakes like this Now and then a spoon it will collapse in an envelope but now game see how to fold the floorboard so here we are stretch and glue I say nothing and you see how it
  • 05:04: is I show a different perspectives Well this here it turns cake dough as you can see it extends well very important therefore He did not add eggs and get here so that's Wand so here it is, I glued and now our task
  • 05:34: fry it on sunflower oil small fire under lidded their sides in a frying pan I repeat stuffing is green dill onions so cottage cheese, sunflower 1, oil and salt superimpose a plate and add still here 1 egg I repeat it to green
  • 06:04: not let in water and if we do this Ruslan there if we all Put the dough all it razmoknet and not so necessarily spread filling of the filling in a separate plate all Now my mother is fry and then I will show on all as it prepares and phrases once again show how done rolled it the planet is already the second is our first fried and now this is all in
  • 06:34: here are not like that Remember that the dough Then she rested would you like that Now drag all turned again Here is such a beauty here and so all beautifully rolled now again will All fry in Shiva is a pan that is such is our first and fanatic
  • 07:04: Here we fry in the second sunflower oil with both sides to behold Here is rosy brown so now we do prostrated and cabbage and here we have a fresh cabbage onions salt, sunflower butter and black pepper it all mix well well As with the first filling and the old we Put the desired serving in a separate a plate and add 1 egg here then it's all good
  • 07:35: Stir and will spread on greased sunflower oil cake and also fold as First of all our Sticks are ready here so that's great Now stack all and cut the show in Split video