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[Panic Nail Art] of Tuto imprimé de points colorés en dégradé facile et rapide  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello to everything today this is the back from the panic nail art since yesterday evening I was inspired in fact for to make nails a panic nail art of these nails fully realized auvergne years with the technique and the watercolor varnish with lots of little ones multicolored polka dots it's pretty cool we start by asking a base and black it works only on black or extremely dark varnish then I choose colored varnishes as well as clear varnish 8 'mates then two hens
  • 00:30: different sykes size do not forget that you can do with toothpicks of hair clips any object that is sharp or oral at then end then on my black base which is dry I'm going to draw a lot of small dots so what you want you are of course not obliged to to make weights you can draw flowers make lines what you want as long as it's with nail polish white be it in white so that the colors then springs so I do this in full on the finger
  • 01:00: and on the offers must not that to make too much charge I just did a reminder on one side of the nail as it's crescent shaped then I will apply the varnishes color on my palette and mix them up transparent transparent varnish way to create very colors very very transparent really not all packs so a little way oph higgins if you have them can also use it's towards knicks did it on purpose so then I mixture but varnish and this is where
  • 01:30: difficulty do not do varnishes that are too opaque because otherwise it will cover by above black and it's not going to be very pretty it 'll do a little burrs so I apply these varnishes in task by white mont blanc careful not to iron many times with the brush on top otherwise the white will drool so I apply them a little bit like it by color keys in places so I do the same on the others fingers there you will see that my orange I had not said enough naked and so you see that a little bit covered
  • 02:01: covered covered by whose black so that's why it's a little smoke indeed like that so then I clean the outlines I apply my top coat and it's completed so with all these layers of varnish stacked on top of each other but Round slightly deformed themselves not have not stayed very round but I liked this effect very much there so I hope you too you liked that you will try again ring the arte why not with something other than points I can not wait to see your inventions
  • 02:31: I hope this panic but there that you call the needs and you next Friday see you soon