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Kanzasha's master class. Flowers from tapes. An elastic band for hair. Dahlia of Kanzashi\/Scrunchy. Dahlia Kanzashi

Kanzasha's master class. Flowers from tapes. An elastic band for hair. Dahlia of Kanzashi\/Scrunchy. Dahlia Kanzashi  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you Dmitrieva Oxana today we are with you we will make a bright check from two ribbons colors two half a centimeter pink and crimson colors all sizes materials which we you may need look at the diagram and so do the petal take the ribbon light pink color bend facial side inward and
  • 00:30: cut at an angle now prime and we fix over fire leave in such position, we obtain petal similar to
  • 01:00: leaf now take ribbon of crimson colors and do all that same thing we bend half-and-half facial side inwards cut at an angle leaving a small distance from edge we hold above the candle fixing the edge and next we petal turn out now in a crimson
  • 01:39: petals we we paste light pink level up hold corners with pincers and bring to the fire for order to consolidate corners be attentive and not Bring the petal very close to the fire so as not to appear black tans to us it is necessary that corners slightly under melted bottom lobe we cut off such aligning
  • 02:09: and also bring to fire to fix make such petals 26 pieces now we take little skazi who they are are usually sold fake or nail decoration and polymer adhesive which I poured for
  • 02:40: convenience in syringe glue we put on small Strasik and paste on the corner of the petal do it with everyone petals to the basis of felt
  • 03:14: 4 s in diameter half a centimeter we glue our petals first row with us
  • 03:46: consists of 12 petals second row of 9 petals we will have the middle consist of 5 petals for decorating the bottom
  • 04:39: parts of the flower to us segments from white organza to ribbon width also two and a half centimeter do the same exactly leaves are postponed organza in half cut at an angle and keep the edge answer to consolidate to the bottom
  • 05:14: we apply the petal Adhesive and glue forehead flower several stamens we
  • 05:48: fold in half and we will gather a heap from them and bear a little ie. for order to consolidate this beam after the glue will dry again glue and already insert colors pressing the center fasten the stamens now we prepare
  • 06:28: base with a rubber take the felt circle white diameter 5 centimeters fold in half and make 2 notches now i'm taking one ribbon centimeter wide I apply glue on it and glued to an elastic band we insert the ribbon county felt cuts cut off the extra end tapes
  • 06:58: we fix it back and glued to felt basis on the basis we apply
  • 07:29: glue and glue it to the flower dahlia che is ready for our the master class is finished if you like this video put
  • 08:00: husky subscribe to my channel I wish everyone creative successes and we'll see you in the following videos