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The hands it is very simple and easy to Strengthen WiFi a signal  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] [music] a Hello everybody Hello, many of us have a router with approximately the
  • 00:31: one with two antenka with three perhaps this usb device Well, whatever it was not all satisfied work of their Device that is often a router somewhere Bedrooms in the room perhaps even in the kitchen and in the back room let's say not very
  • 01:02: good reception some areas all is lost Wi fi connection as a you can solve this problem is the simple and cheap the way is that we Now today Let us consider, I I show you how to do well, and in other Video I can show more complex and more effective and so on
  • 01:32: your screen you You see those tools which are necessary to build our antenna that will to strengthen and redirect signal direction you want us to side thereby covering a large area our homes, and so proceed for this we need line pen pencil behind for
  • 02:02: markup preferably with cutter red pen and Scissors also fold red and black here it does not matter antenna Wi fi I'm under it makes the antenna and here she wire . copper wire on this scheme we We see having 0 8 0 9
  • 02:33: millimeters is that the Council will This antenna is very wi-fi this device antenna that we We are going to do, and so it is we will say so the antenna base feeder on which will be located our directors and so Further
  • 03:04: So we begin that we need to that begin with here's the scheme I've been just spaced on How far must be Explorer and it The total length of the table 39 millimeters and so we We see it is we platter foam can be
  • 03:34: other any material use for I turn this I picked up a pen for doing starting from the edge I tried on here but here it can then how I want someone like I like to do so Measure out 130 Than 9 millimeters
  • 04:06: or rather you do the more effective will be we see that the work then the stock has even the here I about example and catch and can be I put dots on himself but now begin We stopped first at 33 millimeter Play 33 millimeters [music]
  • 04:39: we do attach dash then we have twenty nine millimeters we reduced measured the We set the previous and so on So I made razmetochku our
  • 05:09: our future Now the base proceed to carving can take a pair of scissors We need someone like like and neatly We begin to cut its down to business not neatly I did not want to break all this would spoil whisper at first I will explain here to start we get
  • 05:45: We will make stick hole will stick here, she we will be so So we go pass farther [music] Now we've got after cutting such a design is marking where we are insert wires wire that was Now cut it with
  • 06:15: This wire is me I make a hole just explain to to put on our antenna will send to back where we need to catch better signal So now we it is also necessary to take our side scheme our scheme to start or you have remove unnecessary
  • 06:47: prikroem you can see to fix himself fixed so on through it we have length conductors is we distance between conductors so we start taking
  • 07:17: started 33 Thanos 48 at a distance h length select 48 [music] ak 48 and expose cut off
  • 07:47: Bite off or that we 48 remnants of foam, I I will be used to In order to then not where some lose it is up to the future stick at the next We also 48 [music] leaving and cut and so on
  • 08:17: continue until all not cut off [music] So here I sliced the desired segment wires that meet here this length Now our task how to make it all
  • 08:47: strung here on this device so We start with the small and start pierce choose seredinku pierces the following all that we then will need to fix well you can fix
  • 09:18: using silicone adhesive one that has [music] so chewy so that was louder than straighter do or rather the will better signal is not exactly turn signal It will be slightly smaller but It will be more widely range
  • 09:50: Here we have it all strung stick I'm not sure because it experimental option if all then you can get further use here Now insert tank but it will It looks like this this part of my insert device and aim to where we need and now
  • 10:20: move on to experiment with Now using this netbook devices [music] and Now this device that little amplify the signal than one that is since in used antenka not connect all is clocked so
  • 10:53: way and will catch [music] so you just come our experimental part of that is going to Now check our antenna And then there we just done So you can see here Pink at the moment
  • 11:24: the signal is now little less than and 70 decibels and we Now I am putting on this antenna which It has a circular polarization leave Anthony and see our directionality our more today will be directed the direction in which we need so we dress and we unfold
  • 11:56: you need to need to source signal [music] so we are already seeing seeing that just normal ping advanced it was obvious none
  • 12:27: and more so now! Well I pick up a signal a little more than -65 decibel pretty a good result, we We see now wait a bit we will see job stability antenna then take off again basically normal
  • 13:00: northern Now Remove and see our result [music] I am watching. video to
  • 13:38: [music] The result use of such unpretentious antenki next time we try more
  • 14:09: complex version off all the time battery the system works protection is turned on screen protection battery saving batteries more accurately are observed but our once again put see how
  • 14:39: our system works so we aim to have back on track our team He stopped again increased
  • 15:10: Now this means antenna turns Perry eg redirects circular polarization in the direction of the now we have a signal the direction here Now there is source [music] Now you can
  • 15:45: solve the problem if somewhere in the imperiously toilet in the bathroom room or somewhere else even possible to street you need or send a signal that there was more powerful sitting on a bench watch youtube interesting program or simply rummaged on the Internet so the next time we consider another variant
  • 16:15: Antenna see it the result so anyone interested leave your posts results your experiments leave the links to the your video but who interested in this topic subscribe to the channel will continue to discuss consider different options but it is successful you experiments
  • 16:45: all good so far till