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  • 00:00: good afternoon channel visitors youtube and good mom all hands today we to plant grapes cuttings look we planted sapling to have vopilki us he went darling shoots sprout see Now we will plant and the soil we Dig a hole I do not know who the council I watched, we are very video of many large I dig the pit as
  • 00:30: I have to sit But in this case, five last year's stalks we have this vine growing great Grape varieties Zosia Now we will plant to we what that was shooting drainage we to put any stones are putting We try play thief Let us now
  • 01:03: mound a little bit land take gat our cutting I neatly cut bottle of Pilke let there be 1 pull out and break the we see systems
  • 01:37: roots visible roots of the argument Now we put neatly, we so that the roots They were tried spread out as well not in one pile they can leave spread out here and covered with earth
  • 02:09: now we are a little bit Falling asleep in front polem while I plant it also well supplied straight vodichku then we have in the bottle holes to excess lte moisture flowing and recruited ate the roots of the film well polem and continue on fall asleep watching a
  • 02:48: when parents fences Does it have to stalk plenty of water and fertilize throughout the first half of the summer summer and fertilize mullein second half bird droppings and look for mulching the soil Then I took it, I Th
  • 03:19: enable I fix and hold will root system and it will have We will have grapes breathing roots barley and then when barley sprouts You cut and very hard here side by side near
  • 03:50: cuttings for mulch on ground leave a hole so that when the watering grapes we all Moisture left in the root system Basically all today we once again polem
  • 04:22: well that's basically All is not so difficult to plant grapes cuttings Now the most important thing water it to fertilize and grapes will please you and your berries the fruits of all that is good and good luck if someone like those that
  • 04:52: put video Like and share friends goodbye