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Massage of the head for removal of a headache in 4 minutes  See details »

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  • 00:00: now I show head massage which very effectively relieves headaches any cause 1 thing we will do take triangles in the face on the front the head and take on the frontal share dill 1. the pinnacle triangle. which will be released to the era believes track board and start mark this point in hell [music] Mother of 12 times
  • 00:31: by accusing hand and the other side 12 times [music] and again change can be done dagger fingers when the middle finger It lies on the index and then massage most effectively opportunity base triangle two eggs point of beginning of the eyebrows and
  • 01:02: Here you can palpate small probe deepening skull and bones too master of one side 12 times to another side 12 times and again inside nomination citizens Overall one point 36th terrible time you can do
  • 01:33: vibration that is, you simply press down does not let presses and holidays and it is even triangle following this temporal triangle fart base triangle It is the end of the eyebrow. temporal region and beginning curl ear sink those two base point triangle and
  • 02:03: apex of the triangle pilar part head and so begin both sides take for massage the same point the end of the eyebrow to the temporal parts one way nevian officers the other side of 12 and again misses Further Perry I massages and the beginning
  • 02:33: curl ear shell this is the one side and here other side and and massaging 12 times you can blame the finger take the middle finger with both sides and then will take a little more yes temporal part heads do massazhik not and much the same way 12 times one 12 and the other 12
  • 03:04: new film is now we find a point pilar part head put his fingers pointers at the beginning century average missing and ring end eyebrows but the middle finger It is just the top this triangle pilar part head and there, too, girl and a mark These points are called
  • 03:37: point that pedestal remove temporal speakers Well 12 the same one side veligant chance the other side turn out jams as we We started the first we this temporal triangle I am beginning to vidkon the end of the eyebrows and temporal part pilar part
  • 04:07: head. paired Next is head and here we find here greater occipital mound and under it beneath occipital and apple the pinnacle triangle which also take for massage likewise 12 just one way in 12 another again and my brother let him
  • 04:38: and the vertices triangle will Now these two points still sought sew Points hashes and they defined in such a here are two strips sunglasses mouse attached skull and that's the point attachment to the level of muscles these points can be do with one hand both sides turning the people say
  • 05:08: then inward, and also 12 time and again external 12 times as many as 36 just one point and so the top of a occipital apple and the base These triangle two points and massaged point often very painful but there is not very much always sensitive and this is so and night any Yes, I also to you
  • 05:38: We take a point on the cheesecake head. wi-fi is so too do handbag through temporal games there are fingers at exactly the center head where we We find the point . bye Bye also very sensitive and massaging as we We spoke to one side 12 times then
  • 06:08: another and the bus again that testify to large assembly point this point we ends with a massage head again I go back to that the front triangle it. which stands conquer Ignat it is the beginning of the eyebrow base triangle on temporal region
  • 06:39: end rules Yanochka David to start apple and hairy the head the girl is the point for we also ports elevator occipital part I spent girl once from big occipital hill and fall into this dimple on the pinnacle triangle and These base muscles that attached to
  • 07:09: skull bones they are very sensitive and they They are the basis occipital triangle and final. . bike and which is on the top is a very experience and be healthy do not be ill