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  • 00:00: animal pattern IzhAvto Street ca. I was such here Shooting is fine on the cells and the ducks Generally it's pretty schematically Please note this is on top of a shame knitting course direction quality scheme Any YaNAO disassembled if desired can So how do you hold
  • 00:30: These are the flowers here Let's see then it reports this pattern May 10 l it is why we need to always dial 10 th of 1000, plus a loop for itself decided that I sang it will show where report So I typed May 11 l and now Getting window air loop on the rise
  • 01:03: and begin to knit very first and check Pestovo So I left the subject of a strong army, and I dismantled and that there was the baked Becks cyprus so we need to link six air-five for the breakdown of leaf country that is, but usually keep the price simpleton Pekka Rantala more than year, which is that the goal let's finish cards 6 times that in St. Petersburg
  • 01:33: 4 6 and that Giggs liver nokia Thein Lin but I step the second airy adventure so on eastern loop we in practice it these words expired We oblige that's that's what he like cattle layouts Now I got about the same
  • 02:08: floor you online so what do we do next then we CB squad whole leaf begin to father columns on each side we will have 10 table like aggressor whale and with them
  • 02:41: ed 9 10 reached end of April the country now change sides famous chpok better down
  • 03:11: to this efforts, we also Be'er Sheva 10 columns restructuring and a connection table so that's the first lines
  • 03:41: okstroy countries ie May said here while his hand turned out such has reached now we go to the second edition of the left 200 sq.m. Let's do such approached little training and do What then is this hour leaf bases six air-five here he is
  • 04:11: absolutely not be any rise 4 Stone as a special forces nokia lyrics singing whales the first air which we were binding as a way to cloak themselves do
  • 04:43: Air Petryuk lift and 10 that the Turks columns with five matches KHL Vasin 10
  • 05:17: turn on which side of the leaf and here as well we Ten runoff on the title 4 8 10,000 close all dancing
  • 05:48: and connecting 100 microns first push signs standing units now we need here is how Cyprus high chair we've got Donovan need attach fleet our initial variator and here because I heroes airports and cover the cage First after the times claims
  • 06:20: leaking Koran oblige all large canvas because here here because we believe 9 bars and the tenth attach the latest confusing We attach sibstoun Congress in Cyprus here such, we have a first row our leaves now we need to add a tie ha top
  • 06:50: that is, we need to link air chain's cadet here but it to this point but the fact is not enough to sing with her means let's see what we will do concert and at the end of the summer here Samakaev garden urchin bars 9 people in Macedonia so I'll try to link 10 air Boiler rise if it is not enough but will have to wear corrective
  • 07:21: 4 August 9th 10 and so trust like as It should be enough Permian oblige petals that's right that's what the theater noticed tenth where six times stuffy Keitel 4 in the foot to the speaker pictures
  • 07:54: first six and airway east of Tokyo rise 10 was the Congress on China 4
  • 08:25: 10 so 6 go to the other side knit 10 more columns without Cyprus Gusev
  • 09:06: 10 do all their thinking that ducks and attach this one here Egypt that Chicago's column here for reference Here such here who is trained in a hot the sun 0 and the last
  • 09:36: not gaudy Chicago this proportion Yashin exactly the US Six eastern sadness as five ks 0 4 first Beijing any changes of mind
  • 10:07: 10,100 sq tv perspective here she is all the same to their strong couple can go directly to the other side
  • 10:39: all necessarily thousand our detachment dream jump that
  • 11:20: 106 Gray over here Here in this place that is the Russian Federation but to to fix the edge bar ware china china March 4 cells 6 8 September 5 such a record of the column is here to contact in this loop rise neatly that the choice
  • 11:57: lamps and so that day men a source Now this is why I ran 6 km h just want to say that I show all on strings of medium thickness that is how I about 300 meters to a hundred grams as well, of course, the pattern of the Cheka of Sochi cut Estonia technicals then it will be less so general that it's
  • 12:27: from any large flowers obtained and can be but is you need to look Jsc Pamir ie from this the way that you do more and more 10 Five-Year Plan that is, all you need is already Try to count the issue of and which rebound starting Kagocel you five easy-going to be on the edge lope for the foundation that has it all better count
  • 12:59: so you do not get to the house but Arif 40 Consult here too obvious It is expected to carry the chain's of you is that in St. Petersburg