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  • 00:00: hi this is var from scrap Romania today
  • 00:49: I'm going to show you how to create some flowers now here's these are already dry and so what I did is I've got some burlap and I went ahead and measure about 2 inches 1 inches depending how big the flower so it you're going to have you're going to fold these in half so if you want a large flower then you may want to do 3 inches if you want a smaller flower you may want to do two to one and a half and what you do is as you can see there you are going to measure
  • 01:22: from here to here and then once you measure you're going to pull the string across like that so that way you get a line on all your around your your whole piece then in between the line so like I pull the string in the middle here and between that line you're going to glue together about two strings apart you see there so you're going to put some glue
  • 01:55: and then once that glue dries you're going to go ahead and pull the rest of the strings like you see here okay so I'm going to go ahead and keep pulling some more of these strings now save these these will make perfect little embellishments for your craft you can use these for as a sewing you can use these as thread when you sew something you can use it as a bows or whatever you want to do you can use it for doll hair look how pretty that will
  • 02:26: look for doll hair so save this and just continue taking pulling each of the individual strands and I'll put the link of a lady that has the tutorial on how to do this she does an excellent job with her tutorial so I'll put the link at the end of this video but basically I'm just going to pull you're going to keep pulling okay so once you pull all your strings then you're going to take your scissors
  • 02:58: and you know cut in between the glue Airi the glued area put this aside so once you have this you're going to go ahead and fold this in half now take some fabric tack you can use hot glue if you like but I'm using this fabric tack
  • 03:36: and then you're going to loosely roll your flower and see how and you can put some glue right there got to keep everything together and I
  • 04:06: think I want my flower to stop there I want them nice and loose so I think I'm good they're going to cut this here I can create another flower with that okay
  • 04:38: and then what you can do is there's the flower and what you want to do is kind of like expand the flower out like that now what we're going to do is we're going to get up a button so let me get one of my cute little buttons and put a nice little button on the center here
  • 05:20: and I'm going to squish it down because I really want it flat for my project and all that I try
  • 06:01: so there's my flower so I hope you liked this tutorial on how you can create these burlap flowers with just inexpensive burlap a little bit of glue and some buttons and thank you for watching bye now