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  • 00:00: hello today we will talk about how to multiply and grow round Of course the easiest way is to go to the garden center probably the most The right way go to the garden center buy ready sapling that It is sold in container OK formed krone and you immediately see that you You buy a good formed the root system that fight against disease to transfer transplant It is the easiest the way but if you
  • 00:30: want basically you can grow this sapling and himself there are two the basic method for the cultivation of seedlings round this by using seeds and using cuttings we are now you do not consider could the cultivation from seed process in general, fairly long consuming and how usually not apply most important reason no one applies because varietal characteristics the shape and coloring crowns usually not transmitted via seed yet
  • 01:00: if you really want it You can also try seeds that requires stratification that prior it means later autumn you collect already ripe fruit and the lay them cool place waiting for them when they are so ripe and say Exhibitions when they dry they open from there you remove seeds and when snows already a thorough Snow lay them bags under layer snow somewhere 30 centimeters layer snow over them should be here all the mat winter passes you
  • 01:30: natural stratification and already earlier spring You do to get them and do rovnenkie borozdochki and these borozdochki a depth about half All these centimeters these seeds short distance apart covering coniferous sawdust desirable create teplichku over This seeding here so you after a while will say so ready to grow small seedlings arborvitae but the sophisticated way at least if you want to can much easier confident to grow
  • 02:00: that using cuttings with all that that properties parent plants will completely transferred to using cuttings so how to reproduce the using well cuttings First you need to prepare themselves cuttings cuttings are taken something like this type two-year October 20 centimeters de noi when cutting cherry is night pay account in cuttings It should be like this original TL. then it is better root before how to stick the cutting into
  • 02:30: land desirable what process roots are formed drug IAA eg kornevinom so we are ready to dash we have prepared such special small gryadochki mingled here approximately equal good proportions fertile ground peat and river sand Now they can be plant mean for take this rod You make an angle a small hole and back insert neatly cherenochek about depth 5 centimeters hard-packed
  • 03:00: the soil around it as I told we previously We treat these special cuttings roots are formed drugs IAA or kornevin if you so Fiorentina with you Now in his tracks be sure to like It should be abundantly all it is a matter of politics or enter in two parts First let the water 1 soak and then another just once for to the land as possible more tightly entangled after our cherenochek you have this
  • 03:30: it is desirable to do Now this whole area cover any make a film mini parnichok I about that in order to formed normal seedlings normal root system for the very important to increase humidity so here in this case more important than most irrigation and important spraying periodically opens this film parnichok and spray creating a richly such a good water fog after your young seedlings have little rooted before the onset of winter
  • 04:01: desirable all business and insulate because young root seedlings shallow system are they damaged by frost and therefore, cover needles of spruce branches Blank fallen leaves at the end of all to create them comfortable for the winter when you decide plant thuja first time required to first thing decide on the place where you will pour Thuja on the one hand love good lighting but on the other hand badly endure constantly and roasting sun thing is that needles in round constantly evaporate moisture very dry season and
  • 04:33: it is actually straight can from this burn so Choose a location where the sun is not at least shines the whole day and better yet some such an easy penumbra digs a pit when date and make more than earthen com than root system and fill fertile land but usually the ratio This turf ground two parts, one part Sand Part 1 turf Now this stage it loves although in principle I do not particularly demanding to Mold can grow literally any soils If your site groundwater water fit
  • 05:03: high enough, or moorland I do we have deeper and 15 cm at the bottom make drainage from rubble and broken bricks of large pebble gravel some to moisture surplus took up watering down first especially during young seedlings you have grown cared for also requires additional care they need watering in particular should be dry summer at least once in the water the week using a each at least one bucket of water and Adult plant basically no
  • 05:34: so no feeding to tell additional moisture but it does not require that the year will stand out very dry very I love it and spray vanie if sprinkling dry summer in the evening when the sun village or spray hose or to remove if it is a small from a compact of hair it is very thankful responds to it immediately feel needles very scent about fertilizers but some young seedlings can fertilize and the bringing in tree trunks about 30-40 grams eg
  • 06:05: NPK naturally ground and mixed up I thoroughly watering like when weed around She loosened the earth shallow doing no more than 10 centimeters deep because the root in the system and surface forbid God may damage Cover to be and too deep We came here actually all that and especially plant unpretentious if you will do everything correctly it will well grow on your site often we need to ask Whether cutting thuja Basically if the crown retains its
  • 06:36: ideal shape it is not a haircut required the only thing that standing after the winter remove the dry twigs some broken branches weakened sprigs this can be done but also Preparing for winter young plants of course better still warm the root system and surface so when strong frost can freezes so Cover the tree trunks a circle some peat mulch one peat word in pinching Even needles can fallen dry
  • 07:06: sure it Protecting young plants from frost Adult plant Basically this is no longer I need perfect winter in our conditions That's all how to grow thuja