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Dyeing My Hair Bright Green and Blue! Ombre Hair Dye Tutorial  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello again today I'm dyeing my hair bright green blue purple and it's already been bleached I showed you how to bleach hair at this light in a previous video using Manic Panic electric lizard it's more of a yellow than a green and ion blue aqua I believe Ocwen teal are pretty close together draw clarify in the description mixing em together it looks pretty good it actually when you mix it it looks really dark but when you apply it it's not that bad
  • 00:30: mixed it with conditioner as well and here we go I want it really bright this time the past few times have been doing like a pastel or silver but this time I want it really bright for summer it is diluted a bit with conditioner but not as much as if I was doing a pastel
  • 01:00: color so I'm doing the green first and I'm going for kind of a kelly green meets forest green meets swamp ass swamp monster green my veins will be half green and half okay good time for some blue it's pretty
  • 02:27: bright I added just a little bit of patience and I'm going to blend it over top of the green just a little bit of my bangs and then the rest of my hair going about two or three inches from the bottom of my hair I've had a pretty similar color
  • 03:27: combination in the past but it always turns out different okay this time for the tips instead of going like pure purple I want to take my blue and combine it with a little bit of ion purple and make sort of like a dark blue since I only have a medium blue dye on hand with just a hint of purple in there mixing it with conditioner on top of the blue that I had already mixed because I always mix too much okay and just putting it on the tips and
  • 04:05: overlapping a bit on top of the blue that I've already done it won't come out quite this purple it'll be a nice ther clue just making sure I didn't miss anything
  • 05:03: for some reason I took my gloves off and yet kept touching my hair but otherwise I'll just leave it in for about two or three hours and then wash it out and the results this is a little bit
  • 05:38: bright here with the Sun and it didn't really accurately capture the colors so a few days later I went back and took another clip yep I pretty much I really liked how it turned out I think I'll put a little bit more green in next time and I hope you enjoyed it and I'm sure you'll see my next die bye