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  • 00:00: hello in this video, I I would like to tell how out of the ordinary light bulbs energy saving make power supply for this you It needs light working desirable such or any But with the other normal it's desirable characteristics of the there is not a 5-watt is not 4 they are generally in cotton wet will be here then it will need to disassembled into two part here such here inside will be the most handkerchief but it can be slightly different
  • 00:30: Here below you disassemble fee you see that the cubes here and here will hang around for two one wiring on the other hand hand they will valued to board now about the collarbone here they are connected to board here here and here and here on the other hand, too thing will happen here and now here these places just
  • 01:00: solder together wire or even than ever and then connect together that is just We all four output We join together Next we get here This choke it in Each bulb has and unsolder it his We need to review but for this example I, as I have done I put it on soldering iron can Now put minute Ten it is heated Then his little
  • 01:30: only knock gently knock because he can split very easy I like piece split on it's glued disassemble Transformer necessary and reel to well little wire I just have a lot of there will not climbed all differently filled that's it I feel good I had to try to stick to at least one layer wire here well I one layer subsided
  • 02:00: nine or ten centuries somewhere because the wire was diameter 10 April so she and in the end I actually this block Power has issued 910 sometimes 11 volts shows AC stresses here that As for Well, when I load I connected the load as a load resistor 2 was wadding and
  • 02:30: how are you 40 ohm I think he almost immediately began bask in the blackening general and 8 afraid here So while the voltage at the secondary winding 10 was not as if a6 well that is fallen stresses now me as a load hanging diode bridge with this capacitor properly rectifier but goes on
  • 03:00: cooler fan usually from computer unit power as it is written here cooler is designed for 12 volt 022 amp but Generally, you can enable and see how that It is working and what is me this wire the pipes in the network of I went to sea the voltage at the secondary dropped to June 4 volt fan spinning well, if not on the full but rather
  • 03:34: good in general revolves almost floor everything is ok everything works personal explodes absolutely the transistor does not heated at despite the fact that they tiny Tiny but generally such transistors even never seen Shoot here not seen in Generally they are very even small slightly reminiscent smd so here too What are advantages of easy to this very
  • 04:05: device is that at basically quite good options we enough compact for proper assembly feet tion can be output will do well elementary stabilizer of chip roll well, 7 or item 8 l and so there on how much V you need there 708 12 for example the case they 12 Volt
  • 04:35: stabilize 700 80 5 5 volts, and so on there are all sorts of 96 volts There are generally only connect it well, a pair of capacitors Filter things diode Bridge all that is needed here all proper stabilizer can It will also make adjustable for this is another chip will important unfortunately I do not remember but there is also some I read to them some 700 895 whether that's where resistor would have to change set but in general, the circuit can be found on the Internet
  • 05:05: easy and simple so that everything is just the way He forgot to say produces roughly about ten kilohertz here so much so well, in general, all At this point I think everyone clear that if write the comments questions who do not Thank you all clear