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Cultivation of cabbage under bottles.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners again welcomes you all Yulia me on your channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden my dear I want before you report and, in general, show its for launch and now tell head and share the ground cabbage plant under bottles will grow nonsense not nonsense now I you I show my cabbage Now let's look in one of the bottles here look attentively bottle you see how well they are in the land of nowhere the wind does not carry it, I
  • 00:31: Now just took off plug to you show and cabbage so I have the whole cabbage still stands and will stand still closed and Labor because we not in general is not very Set as see you see very good strong trikapu wall there I have gone planted where four training Seeds in different ways but I you do not want to say we must hurry to remove them, you see
  • 01:01: here your forehead but not Now let's here Now take a look at this bottle look there generally dense forest you see but touch it it will not be until I Only then will take away powerful cabbage I leave one root cabbage when I I see real ie leaves cabbage in any the case here in this here as we have not touched It can happen Anything you would cut
  • 01:31: leave once Once he dies therefore do not on how long and Khrushchev to keep that a bottle of bottle we will keep very pretty long as cabbage increase will already be some good this leaves we'll remove extra cabbage and here This cabbage is she was alone He will also sit under bottle once we cork with you open to it already I will not breathe afraid of any
  • 02:01: flea beetle nobody ie cabbage undertake to undertake Sivak for spitting be sure to water but I always put I people I watered sprinkling all dash the couch in my face turntables and in general, You know this is just simply convenient large garden, I do not I came down with a watering can But if you run now look but you say, well but it has nothing to grass trouble all will neatly on tyapochkoy
  • 02:33: dryhli but here I is sitting dill between bottles if see it in gryadochki be clean I'll be sure it is also show you all I do not I am sitting on a blade of grass never in the first my assistant Chopper I showed you how titanium which I bought in Leroy literally I'm with her I run through all quickly do everything neat and tidy little digress by let's see you see a ask questions here
  • 03:03: I have a strawberry black uk anyway material you look this strawberries for three years three years she already you Grouse I threw the color there are berries although very early in strawberry field and still just buds begin vylazit and here already in general that Now she and strawberry blossom when they I'll berries necessarily I definitely show you just want say my dear
  • 03:33: well, do not do not need here snowdrift price garden fight to the gro fanaticism choose all sit here at my it is familiar to all sitting and fork fork and you represent selects all of but a blade of grass wrong is absolutely wrong garden we should bring first of all the joy rich harvest and how we have spoken not on the garden work hard and rest Well here is a little bit such a small deviation of about I will cabbage
  • 04:04: I reported in passing You strawberry his showed Well Well on this say goodbye to you I was Julia Lego me in the garden Whether in the garden till