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  • 00:00: Hello everyone Today we will achieve the tutorial of a basic technique I always thought I had always thought that you do not want to create types of tutorial or more hours in half by the bed you of these types of clouds realize tutorial, however, because the Tubone saturated enough But this was a request I thought it still is although the tube is saturated with this type of tutorial is not necessarily said
  • 00:31: that in any case all tutorials tutors are ethical are more audible by all non because maybe the people that they explain explain in a manner wrong and asks implements networks choose wrongly implements it a bit like in school with teachers there are professors with whom goes agree with whom you feel better and professors with whom with whom you are worse but it is said that professors with whom you feel worse It is necessarily a bit worse for some tastes perhaps even this thing
  • 01:02: there are people who prefer as I explain that I pare na absurd however, so there are people who prefer maybe how do you explain not surprisingly daisy explains sarubbest explains cristina short, everyone will have their preferences because I was asked precisely the accomplish this type of tutorial I I have not pulled back Today we will achieve the spiral Russian and the baseline technique red spiral the Russian plug
  • 01:32: this one is very soft as you can see because it has been made with the minutes a wire that could be one the many children would be fine because it goes however ko file are the Ceylon I think that if you know that and so if instead the talking made with The fire line is even with the wildfire nylon thread machining is more I prefer that it is rigid in soft
  • 02:02: This way you can see you can be adapted to each type of folding if so we call it as you use this Spiral why say rightly face I know a few stretching a human shower as sharp actually no this may be realized as embrace can be used and Also as a necklace by inserting simply an internal a steel cable steel wire coated with a nylon
  • 02:36: harmonic spring then everyone decides what I like you put the cups Here the result in short, is this guy What simple types must be two of us beads and 80 to 11 am 0 using the building's daughter economic and millet those white then this is a process that But you need very fast flowing a considerable amount of wire
  • 03:08: especially if you need to achieve you want to make a necklace that legal and do not use a lot wire because it is much anyway You would notice would be if there is possibility that both nodes or otherwise use a fair number of wire normal number of wire because so then work can be tucks the yarn can be tuck then we must go enter this string of beads then an act 02 15 0 for four sometimes including this here this is sequence repeated four times and then
  • 03:41: we have to find beads 8 11 04 80 sedans did not arrive until the end the wire does not have a lot to me that I Let once closed the processing with the longest wire is in fact I started doing the spiral Let me then to come back repeatedly in sedans to lock this wire excess close if you see if you see
  • 04:15: very well here we are asking close to the machining circle not the closes once because in this case the processing It must be at least the beginning of work into the game and deserves must be well rigid so close over and over step his party and several times around the processing up
  • 04:45: to not feel that I work say in saloons it is right and we do not scroll slow so we do more and several times I turned over and over again several times around the beads I have to finding to emerge from an 11 0 immediately preceded by a 80 Now I do not do other than putting on the gorge itself sequence of beads repeated one
  • 05:15: Once then have 180 and 211 0 with the indentation the needle into the rails 11 0 which is immediately preceded by a 80 so I find myself to go out with the thread from this rocaille is so that white next assault violates the return with the needle in the first 11 0 of the pair and shooting and wire I have to keep working well in voltage because otherwise will be a thing
  • 05:45: still softer than that already It is, however, due to the softness the wire again take the same then a sequence of beads 80 and 2 11 0 I go out with the lake to see what is all Fire Lake purpose of this jump sedan Labianca asphalt viola and return in white that immediately after the purple and pull the pull wire well who it is a good time going back the same
  • 06:19: sequence repeated once ok then I go out from this sedan assault the next two sedans indentation in the third sedan he has repeated the operation three times now I go there to repeat a few fourth Once I go out so I should virtually this sedan should skip White will miss the widow and
  • 06:49: back in white instead for start a new round to make the spiral is to create You must enter the same sequence It is practically back in white not the white that is in same lap then below but in the upper one in the first bow that we went to create the new ride clearly this way and pull the wire, making sure that all my
  • 07:19: even those who are are taut again I repeat the sequence at this time to now on will rapidly so much easier because I I have to go to insert the needle practically in the next pond always in the rails immediately preceded by immediately preceded by a 11 0 by a car 0 sorry again take the sequence
  • 07:51: I see that this 80 protrudes and return now ok and parkinson's possession of me stay calm is calm the return of eleven straight 0 next shot and the wire mean wait until the wire we started with four citizen we started with 4.80 ok even dyslexia all around
  • 08:25: Today in this video we start from 0 4 11 Now there You will realize that you will always find 3 This is good because we did say a sort of decrease beginning now will be all easy because you entered the code itself sequence until the length of the Your bracelet will not be that withholding from you the most suitable and continue to insert the needle into the bead always always preceded after let's say the 80 ok what I've done nothing perfect
  • 09:02: I thought I had made a mess good hold in tension the thread again I take a take 2 80 11 0 I see that 80 there is this pretty much it protrudes and I go to insert it into 11 00 the wire again ok or experiencing in case anyone
  • 09:36: He is making noise again the same get out of this sequence there is a sedan 80 after me, and I enter Lake in 11 0 immediately following and always enjoyed shooting processing the spiral is forming clearly at the beginning there will be more difficult and you will not find much simple but as you go forward the spiral seems to form and therefore not you have problems I do quite a bit and spiral then we still see here
  • 10:07: so it is very easy to sequence You want to go to enter the increasingly August in the next sedan to 80 then always in this white after the 80 I'll have to do until I will not arrive at length from you desired the process is always this We admit to having to close the necklace and admit that he had finished by ok and admit of being arrived precisely to the length
  • 10:42: and desired to get out of a white we return without inserting beads in hatchback and sedan 80 and we are immediately in the next two white in 80 and 80 and the two white in two white do not get scared if you see below you will see other types of beads continue to close the processing need not say you always have to worry go on and sedans and two white
  • 11:14: on 80 and 11 0 until it You feel taut after processing There is the well-caged sedans then cut the thread see this is another length of wire Red here is those two pieces of inspiring I sincerely hope that the Russian was happen it was understood that
  • 11:47: tutorial if you do not give up right away to guardians to its basic techniques and nothing I send you a kiss and red but which most likely it will be a tutorial about taxes and then also a video creations so much that you do not see what I created and and It is really a lot of stuff there is a little of both for yachts and touch and so on and nothing short there I send a big kiss to the next hello