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  • 00:00: money with friends and in this kind of me I would like to talk to you about one method so very helpful with through which you can encrypt your country such traditional document antara nissan He that is, I rather with a vengeance as they say prying eyes so that it is necessary to do so but let's look at it on my example rates so here I am very
  • 00:30: personal achievements which then releases mail mailing no doedem I did not want to fuel to someone else eReader she looked at all but no data is personal data of such case eighth grade that you very unusual gift color Here I would like to have disappeared 2 is yes from the other press Right-click yes on this butterfly and her
  • 01:02: We enter the item added bad here an additional window and Yes, we must go nakladochka additionally We go to it and probably this but the match set the threshold it on it and entering the desired breed so now we did not check encrypt them for a couple
  • 01:32: that is, when it attempts during Khodova data instructed yes ii window appears that his father requires a password which such the one who wanted to and in fact help, he does not know So put a check to encrypt and sent if children button we all did all that is necessary now so suddenly revenue by Keith
  • 02:00: alarm bell As we can see there was a Here's a bright sign and for this you need to unleash your set program for grades region m without problems it has become a free internet access that's but let's see how it working open to help and that's how I told a window will appear in the young year passwords
  • 02:32: I know sometimes even so fair arrest me not and now we come here that is, you can go to this wand trades and see that there there occurs what is happening so I think this is a very useful way so that is you will always be sure that the your personal information no ruling
  • 03:00: websites rubles not be able to see the copy that anything or so they all of your personal data we quickly reserved I think that data material we do for you dear readership and until we meet again